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Southern Hemisphere Summer Events

July 29, 2013

January-March 2013

Evénements estivaux dans l’hémisphère sud


LoganPhotos - 0557Chris, Bacia, Cris, Wanda, Jacek

Just after the opening of Renata’s exhibition in Logan

Photos - 0556Jacek and Paul

SunnybankPhotos - 0558Wanda in front of the “Chinese wall”

Photos - 0560mmmm


64614_10151192087180069_228650613_nplease check the addition

IMG_8627south Bank Jan 2013Brisbane, South Bank

Jarod’s farewell dinner, New FarmPhotos - 0570

Photos - 0571

IMG_8630waiting for the ferry

SydneyPhotos - 0598Leonie and Wanda

Photos - 0589Archie Roach, great concert

Photos - 0600Tarantino’s Django in première – good film

Photos - 0601

Photos - 0603Robyn, Wanda, John 

Glasshouse MountainsIMG_8906Tai Mak, Wanda




Move no 1 / 1er déménagementIMG00103-20130216-0930leaving Birkalla Street, Wanda and Karolyna

A difficult day, leaving big house and birds behind


IMG00106-20130216-122617/46 Terrace Street, our new apartment


IMG00107-20130216-1351Bacia and Wanda

IMG00108-20130216-1351Chris and Karolyna

A dinner in style with Sonia and JohnIMG00110-20130216-1932



IMG00131-20130308-1753close to Botanical Park (on our way to Nick Cave concert)

Dinner with Hanny and ChistineIMG_8895 - Version 2Paul and Christine

Cha Cha Char steak restaurant, Brisbane. Excellent

IMG_8896 - Version 2Hanny and Paul

IMG_8897 - Version 2Wanda and Karolyna

Stradbroke IslandIMG00132-20130309-1407




IMG00138-20130310-1233-1In the aboriginal art gallery

IMG00139-20130310-1317on the ferry

IMG00140-20130315-1632Himalayan Café, New Farm

IMG_8912Leonie, Linda, John, Wanda

Move no 2 / 2éme déménagementIMG00150-20130323-1539Harcourt Street, Teneriffe

A house again, smaller but more what we wanted

IMG00147-20130323-1525Wanda now happy





October 31, 2012


Week end in Sydney to visit cousins and friends. Also played tourists, took a classic tour through the harbor and visited the aquarium (water underworld).

Un saut à Sydney pour voir cousins et amis. Avons  également joué aux touristes en visitant le port et le fameux aquarium.

A room with a view / chambre avec vue

vue de notre chambre d’hotel / view from our hotel room

building designed by Renzo Piano

Harbour / Le port

Angel Place


Upside Down Jellyfish

Jelly fish / méduses

dugong (seacow)

sharks / requins


Anna, Paul, Elaine

Wanda, Elaine, Anna

Rocking in Sydney

May 9, 2012


A very short visit to Sydney. Main purpose of the trip was to attend ¨Dig It Up”, a rock reunion organized by the Hoodoo Guru’s, the famous Australian rock band (which I had never heard of). Took profit to take a short walk through the beautiful Paddington district with it’s typical houses. Also payed a short visit to Mees & Marianne, our old Dutch friends who were in the country, visiting family.


Napier Street

Napier Street

Napier Street

Selwyn Street

 Little Selwyn Street

Selwyn Street


A breath of fresh air between two concerts

The Sonics – American rock band from Seattle

The godfathers of this whole damn mess, The Sonics laid down the blueprint for garage-rock back in 1963 with the release of their first single ¨The Witch”… Very basic and straight forward Rock’n Roll, always good

Hoodoo Guru 

The legendary Hoodoo Gurus. By any measure, one of Australia’s greatest, best loved, most enduring rock bands of all time. 2012 marks an amazing milestone for the Hoodoo Gurus; 30 years since the release of the band’s debut single ¨Leilani¨

Other bands which we saw playing included Died Pretty, reunited for this special occasion, with our friend John Huey on keyboad, The Fleshtones, US rock band  from New York (excellent) and Tek & Younger, with our friend Jim on guitar. There were many others which we unfortunately missed, including The’s, Tokyo female garage-trio (invited in Tarantino’s ¨Kill Bill” movie and Soundtrack) 


Monica, Orlando, Mees, Marianne, Lotus, Avalon, Joram

Mees jarig!

60 balais nom de bleu. Ca se fête.

Snapshots – Friends, food and others

March 31, 2012

March snapshots. Brisbane with magpies, friends visiting, Sunnybank, West End Market, a lot of good food, country music and a short visit to Sydney. And no politics…


Les images de mars. Brisbane avec les magpies, des visites d’amis, beaucoup de bonne bouffe, du country et une courte incursion à Sydney. Et pas de politique…


Short visit to Sydney

Enjoying lunch at Cowper Wharf, oysters and bubbly /huîtres et petite coupe

The Domain Park

Le  parc du Domaine est pour le plaisir de tous. Prière de marcher sur l’herbe. Nous vous invitons également à embrasser les arbres, à pique-niquer sur l’herbe et à parler aux oiseaux – mais s.v.p. ne pas les nourrir.

“Almost Once”, Brett Whiteley                     photo Wanda Michalak

getting slushed in the pub /on boit des verres au pub

Paddington, Oxford Street

Paddington, Oxford Street – photo pour Mado

in the ¨camera¨  


Opening exhibition Polish artists at Brisbane Griffith University 

Wanda with Polish Embassador to Australia

Vernissage d’une exposition d’artistes polonais

Marek, Chris, Paul and Gabriel


Gastronomic Dinner at Clovely 

With Renata and Marek and two friends of theirs

Renata, Marek and Matt, Renata’s son, in the background in the kitchen 

Celebrating Marek’s 50th birthday

Preparing ourselves for the wine tasting / On se prépare pour la dégustation du vin 

 l’équipe cuisine en pleine action /chief cook on the right

magret de canard – excellent

…et le fromage pour la fin

Matt l’apprenti cuistot, ¨well done Matt”

for more information see

Magpies visiting

Baby looking for food                               photo Wanda Michalak

Father birdie sunbathing on the balcony          photo Wanda Michalak

What do you want                                  photo Wanda Michalak


Graeme passing by

Graeme passing by – on a short business trip to Australia, coming from New Zealand


Iolanta and Tien visiting

Iola, friend of Wanda, visiting from Melbourne. They had not seen each other since more than 20 years. Brisbane in the back ground

Tien and Jolanta at the chinese restaurant

This was an excellent dinner. The restaurant was recommended by my colleague Jarod Lu. Tien selected the meal which included lobster and a wonderful tofu among other “delicatessen”.

Restaurant highly recommended if you are in Brisbane. The directions are as follow. Red Chilli Sichuan, 42/342 McCullough St., Sunnybank.


West End Market

Patricia making and selling paëlla on the West End Market. She stands there every Saturday. If you are hungry and you like Spanish food, that’s the place where to be



Dinner at the Santos family place

Charliany, Francisco, Basia, Wanda, Iola, Chris, Paul, Tien

Great dinner, congratulations Charliany…

…and we really enjoyed the Brazilian music


Tasmanian oysters, the best / huîtres de Tasmanie, les meilleures


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert

They are from Texas. They are apparently the King and the Queen of country music. They performed three nights in a row in a sold out Brisbane Entertainment Center, which is a huge venue. Country music is very popular in Queensland.

   Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

We went there not knowing what to expect. The concert turned out to be fantastic. The public new all the songs by heart and we had never heard any of them. We felt like aliens.

Faith Hill

On top of it we were on the third row, in the middle of the action. I am not really a fan of country music but I must admit I really enjoyed. Great music, friendly and simple people.

Tim McGraw

Sydney, May 2011

June 13, 2011


Spent a day in Sydney, on my way to Houston. Went to have a look at our friend Robyn Stacey’s new show in the Stills gallery, did some shopping and went to visit Gaby & family (my cousin Richy’s daughter).

Ai passé une journée à Sydney, en route vers Houston. Suis allé voir la nouvelle exposition de notre amie Robyn Stacey à la galleries Stills, ai fait des courses et suis allé rendre visite à Gaby et famille (la fille de mon cousin Richard)

Hyde Park

Took an early morning  walk through the park. The automn sun was shining, providing a very sharp light.

Suis allé me promener à Hyde park, au centre ville. Le soleil matinal brillait, provoquant  une lumière éblouissante.


Tall Tales and True

Stills Gallery, Padington

This is where photographer Robyn Stacey is having her “Tall Talles and True” show / c’est ici que Robyn expose

Rose and the Cucumberland Plain 2010, 214.5 x 360 cm 

It looks like a painting but it is a photography / on dirait une peinture mais c’est une photographie

Come Unto Me 2011, 84 x 120 cm

Chatelaine, 2010

see also


Typical houses in Paddington / maison typique

Visited Gaby, Valere and family in the afternoon. To my surprise Gaby’s sister Anna was there as well. And a bit later their mother Elaine showed up as well. It was great to see them all. Last time we met was in December 2009, at Christmas eve. Anna has just moved from Melbourne to Sydney. So it appears we have an important branch of family living in Sydney… We took no photo’s this time, we were too busy talking.   

Maddie (Madeleine), early May 2011 – Gaby and Valere’s daughter, born October 2010

Week End in Sydney

April 12, 2011


We went to Sydney for the week end to meet Mees and Marianne, old friends from Holland who are currently there, visiting their son Joram and the family, including their new born grandson Orlando. Robyn and John, two good friends of ours, put us up for the week end.   

Centennial Park

Took a walk through the Centennial Park (Kensington) together with Mees and Marianne

Promenade dans le Centennial park (Parc du Centenaire) avec Mees et Marianne, de vieux amis hollandais qui sont en ce moment à Sydney, en visite chez leur fils Joram et sa famille

Mees, Marianne, Wanda & Paul 

Black Swan / Cygne Noir 

Mees & Marianne

Flying foxes / roussettes (chauves-souris)



Dinner and dancing in Surrey Hill

Went out for dinner together with Robyn and John. We had some problems finding a not fully booked restaurant. We finally ended up in a Turkish restaurant. There were belly dancers and the dinner ended up in a dancing party. It happened to be a good choice. The food was excellent and the ambiance was great. 

Sommes sortis manger avec nos amis Robin and John, chez qui nous logions. Avons erré un bon moment avant de trouver un restaurant avec une table disponible (c’était la fièvre du samedi soir, tout était plein). Avons finalement atterri dans un restaurant turc. Il y avait sde la danse du ventre et le repas s’est bientôt transformé en fête dansante. Nous avions fait le bon choix. Excellente bouffe et superbe ambiance.

Robyn, John & Wanda

waiting in front of restaurant for table to be freed /devant le restaurant, attendant qu’une table se libère



Ku-Ring-Gai National Park

Broken Bay

Red Hand / Main Rouge , Aboriginal Art

Aborginal Engravings

fish / poisson



14a Elsmere Street, Kensington

Monica and Joram

Joram with new born Orlando

Joram, Orlando and Lotus

Mees and Avalon

Avalon, Orlando and Monica

Sydney – New Year’s Eve

January 9, 2011

We drove over two days from Brisbane to Sydney (1000km) where we celebrated the New Year’s Eve. Baba and Sebastian were with us. This was the end of Baba’s 5 months stay in Australia. She flew from there back to Europe on January 2, together with her grandson Sebastian.

Nous avons fait en deux jours la route de Brisbane à Sydney (1000km), ensemble avec Baba et Sebastien. Nous avons célébré le nouvel An à Sydney. C’était la fin du séjour de 5 mois de Baba en Australie. Elle est repartie pour l’Europe depuis la-bas, ensemble avec son petit fils Sebastien.

On the Road – En Route

Booti Booti national park

Booti Booti – A quick dip in the sea to refresh and regenerate during the trip 

Nambucca Heads – Wanda and Sebastian having breakfast

Sebastian’s “heavy” breakfast



Sydney Harbour with Opera House in the background – the four of us 

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

New Year’s Eve fireworks

The Sydney year end fireworks are famous to be one of the biggest in the world. What we did not know is that if you want to have a good view you must either secure a good spot 18 hours ahead of time and stick to it or pay a lot of money to be on an exclusive private spot including drinks and dinner or on a cruise ship in the harbour. Having done none of both, we ended up in a narrow street between buildings with a limited view on the Harbour Bridge. The place was crowded, the atmosphere was fine, but we saw hardly nothing of the fireworks which were all around the harbour. Anyway, we can say we were there.


Happy New Year /bonne année

a better view of the fireworks, taken from the morning newspaper

The “beauties” of the night

January 1

Baba and the aboriginals

Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters




The way back to Brisbane / Le retour vers Brisbane

Hunter Valley, vignard

vignoble dans la Hunter vallée

Casino (NSW)

Border Range rainforest (NSW)

Forêt tropicale dans le Border Range, à l’extrême  nord de la Nouvelle Galle du Sud, à quelques kilomètres avant la frontière du Queensland


New South Wales – Queensland border / frontière entre Nouvelle Galle du Sud et Queensland

Christmas in Sydney

December 27, 2009


Valton-Schäublin family reunion on Xmas Eve: Anna, Gaby, Paul, Shelley, Frederic, Eileen – photo Wanda Michalak

Wanda trying to join

Same + Wanda

Christmas day, at Bondi beach

A touch of Christmas