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Auckland (New Zealand)

October 26, 2011


A long week end in Auckland. Saw the rugby world cup quarter final New Zealand vs Argentinia (the haka + the game). Took profit to have a look around and visited some friends. 

Un long week end à Auckland (Nouvelle Zélande). Avons assisté au quart de finale de la coupe du monde de rugby, opposant la Nouvelle Zélande à l’Argentine (le haka et la partie). En avons profité pour visiter les environs et rencontrer quelques amis

Auckland, Half Moon Bay

Bucklands Beach

On the ferry, on our way to the stadium

Gina, Ralph and Wanda

In the stadium, Wanda eating junk food (something very unusual)

Muriway beach

Maori Bay and the gannets (the birds) / la baie Maori et les gannets (les oiseaux)

Motutara Island (front) and Oaia Island

hundreds of gannets, they come here to breed

the gannet

Muriway beach


Wanda and Julian