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July in Brisbane – Friends, Colleagues and Others

September 15, 2012

26-28/07 /2012

Juillet à Brisbane – Amis, collègues et autres

July is winter season in Australia. However, the winter in Brisbane  is very mild. It hardly rains -it is the dry season – and the temperature is usually around 18-20 degrees at day time. But the evenings and nights can be fresh, with temperatures as low as 8-9 degrees.  All in all not too bad.

Friends from Holland, Nelly Schaap and family,  visited us during  this period of time. They stayed a night at our place before heading North, direction Cairns, with a rented camper. They later reported cold nights on Fraser Island, their first stop. They however were thoroughly enjoying.

Our friend Christina Gomez came over from Melbourne for a long week end. She only had summer clothes with her. No problem at day time, but in the evening she had to borrow some of Wanda’s jackets. She however enjoyed the visit. Even so much that, a few weeks later, she sms’d us she had decided to move to Brisbane. She is one of these lucky people who can work from anywhere.

Birkalla Street – BBQ

Vivian, Nelly, Pieter, Christina, Rodin

Good meal, prepared by the Schaap family. I did not know the Dutch can prepare such good BBQ. They almost beat the Ossies…

Loan Pine

Christina and the kangaroo

mother with baby legs hanging out of the pouch 


Kookaburra – my favorite laughing bird

Kookaburras (genus Dacelo) are terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea. They are large to very large, with a total length of 28–42 cm (11–17 in). The name is a loanword from Wiradjuri guuguubarra, and is onomatopoeic of its call.

Kookaburras are best known for their unmistakable call, which sounds uncannily like loud, echoing human laughter – good-natured, but rather hysterical, merriment in the case of the renowned Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae); and maniacal cackling in the case of the slightly smaller Blue-winged Kookaburra (D. leachii). They are generally not closely associated with water, and can be found in habitats ranging from humid forest to arid savanna, but also in suburban and residential areas near running water and where food can be searched for easily.

Stand Up Comedy Show

An evening at the comedy together with some friends and colleagues

General view of the venue

Me and Christina

Sharon, Jacob (colleague), his daughter and a friend

Colleague Chris Chang with his wife Fanny


Peter, Paul, John, Tai, Richard, Jarod – Brisbane Project Management Team

The adventures of John and Maighread in Brisbane

December 5, 2011

20.11.2011 – 04.12.2011

 John and Maighread, good old friends from Ireland, came over to Brisbane for a couple of weeks

John et Maigrhead, des veux amis irlandais,  sont venus nous rendre visite à Brisbane pour une quinzaine de jours


John, Maighread, Paul

Brisbane – on the ferry / sur le ferry                         photo Wanda Michalak

No way to remain incognito, almost everyone spotted them as being from Cork…


Loan Pine koala sanctuary

Family Flodder – John looks very jetlegged on this photo… and he wears a strange cap…

another family/une autre famille

Maighread feeding a kangaroo – you will notice this is a male / on note que c’est un kangourou male


Highgate Hill, just above Patricia’s house. Mount Coot-Tha in the background  


Dinner at Patricia’s

Maighread, Wanda, John, Paul, Anthony, Patricia

Maighread, Wanda, John, Paul, Anthony and Vivi

 Patricia, John and Anthony – “cool man”

Maighread, John, Jude the dud, Patricia, Vivi, Wanda

dancing on the sound of the didgeridoo  


Stradbroke Island

Cylinder Beach

helicopter circling above the water

We heard the next day that the helicopter had located a shark, but it was not the dangerous kind

 Nous apprîmes le jour suivant que l’helicoptère qui faisait des cercles au dessus de l’eau avait repéré un requin, heureusement il n’était pas du type dangereux


West End (Brisbane)


Town of 1770 (Wanda’s file)

Great photos made with the I-phone. Looks like polaroïd photos