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Fraser Island and Lady Musgrove Island revisited – Australia

January 7, 2014

December 2013 /January 2014

Back in Australia for Christmas and New Year‘s Eve

En Australie pour célébrer Noel et Nouvel An

Fraser Island

IMG_9532the wreck

IMG_9575Peter, Kinga and Wanda

1528518_10152094325519346_1635247027_nstranded car, we helped them out of the hole

IMG_1770Fraser Island, East coast


IMG_1786Peter, Wanda, Kinga, Paul

1551627_10152099160284346_923044517_nsame plus our pilot (he he he)

1525033_568185819939391_958751195_nGarawongera Lake, Fraser Island

525192_10152115817579346_1805941581_nEli Creek, Fraser Island





1526215_568200279937945_1693264801_nYoung dingo howling

IMG_9588East coast

1544612_10152099760094346_518129790_nLake Wabby, Fraser Island


IMG_1806Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

IMG_9584Happy Vallee, Fraser Island

IMG_9580Downtown Happy Vallee

Town of 1770 and surroundings

IMG_1838Agnes Water

IMG_1862Jenny Lind Creek and Bustard Bay

IMG_1872Bustard Head Light Station Museum


IMG_1887Coral See / Mer de Corail

IMG_1889-2Ships lining up for Gladstone harbor on the horizon

IMG_1852Peter sliding down the sand dune


IMG_1899Army of small crabs at Jenny Lind Creek

IMG_1907big crab

Lady Musgrove Island


IMG_1926Lady Musgrove lagoon

IMG_1916Lady Musgrove Island

1525628_10152115817969346_421068192_nPaul diving in the lagoon


IMG_9614Town of 1770

IMG_9617Glasshouse Mountains

Christmas on Moreton Island

January 2, 2013


Five days on Moreton Island, just of Brisbane (one hour and half with the ferry), together with Sebastian and our friends Gaby and Chris

Cinq jours sur l’île de Moreton, au large de Brisbane (une heure et demie en bac), en compagnie de Sebastien et de nos amies Gaby et Chris

sand manthe sand man / le bonhomme de sable

224895_10151314460374346_2084795307_n[1]releasing air off the tires / dégonflage des pneus


strandedstranded truck/ camion ensablé

03IMG_8533rescued / sauvé

Christmas Eve / Veille de Noël

04IMG_8536 - CopieGaby, Wanda, Sebastian, Chris and the Christmas tree

05IMG_8538 - Copiel’arbre de Noël au premier plan                 574939_10151314460319346_243166989_n[1] to the beach

???????????????????????????????On the beach, viewing the sunset /sur la plage, au coucher de soleil





13IMG_8557 - Copie (2)




xxxxxx15IMG_8563 - Copie

Christmas Day/Le jour de Noël  

16IMG_0589 - CopieYellow Patch, close to North Point

17IMG_0592 - CopieGlasshouse Mountains on the horizon

18IMG_0598Sebastian and Bruce, our old (and brave) Landrover

19IMG_8568 - Copiepicnic on the east coast, very hot

20IMG_8569 - Copiepique-nique improvisé, il fait bon chaud



528561_10151310804899346_1797739168_n[1]Reading on the terrass of our bungalow

Another Sunset

???????????????????????????????Un autre coucher de soleil

22IMG_8577mother and son / mère et fils



25IMG_8585 - Copie (2)Wanda, Gaby and Sebastian

Wanda’s I-phone photo file

249843_10151302676144346_1802027299_n[2]sunset on beach

528495_10151300305754346_441464538_n[2]Paul testing his new snorkling outfit at the Chrismas table

550509_10151300807784346_187834652_n[1]on the beach

603200_10151304465744346_1356027355_n[2]Storm on the way back home, from the ferry

Sebastians Files – The Bunker on the Beach







Moreton Island

May 15, 2012


Moreton Island, a tropical paradise, just outside Brisbane.

City life rapidly fades from memory when you’re cruising on the ferry from Brisbane out to this sand island north of Stradbroke. After an hour or so, you enter a different world, away from all daily concerns.

Cowan Cowan Point. Main land on the horizon, with a lot of smoke raising in the Glass House Mountains areas. Probably a bush fire (not mentioned in the news, means there were no victims).  Moreton Bay in between.

It’s comforting to know Moreton Island’s miles of sandy beaches, prolific birdlife, sparkling lagoons and precious bushes are well protected – more than 90% is designated national park

Michalak in full photographic action

sea star / étoile de mer

baby shark, lying dead on the beach, don’t know what happened to him   bébé requin, mort sur la plage, on ne sait pas ce qui s’est passé

walking passed the Tangalooma wrecks / en passant auprès des épaves

Some 14 dredges and barges have been sunk here between 1964 and 1984 to create a sheltered anchorage for boats. It is a favourite spot for scuba divers and has become the haven of many species of fish.

            Sunset on Moreton Bay /coucher de soleil sur la baie de Moreton

Glass House Mountains on the horizon 

Brisbane on the horizon

full moon / pleine lune

Bulwer, the only shop on the island

Yellow Patch, a large sand blow clearly visible from the mainland 

Braydon Beach and Coral Sea,  from Cape Moreton / Mer de Corail

Little Sand Hills (Coral Sea, East Coast) /  Mer de Corail, côte est

The Desert

Waiting for the ferry, close to the wrecks

Bruce and Wanda

Ferry and sunset

From the deck

Venus in the sky and Glass House Mountains on the horizon

Port of Brisbane

Wanda’s File

Town of 1770 and Lady Musgrave Island

March 4, 2012


A four day trip by car to Town of Seventeen Seventy together with friends. This small settlement is located on the Capricorn Coast, some 500 km North of Brisbane. Our objective was to sail from there to Lady Musgrave Island, the most southerly part of the Great Bareer Reef.

Friends included Anna from Begur (former Anna from Argentina) – and Jean-Francois (aka Jones) from Lausanne. Hanny, another old friend of ours, joined us by plane, coming from Gold Coast.

On the road – between Gimpy and Town of 1770 

typical Queensland coastal hinterland landscape 

Paul and “Bruce”, the Landrover

                                                                                                        photo JF

  Anna, Wanda and Jean-Francois                                                                   

Cooling down with water melon / une pastèque pour couper la soif

Biggenden roadhouse filling station / station service

hot foot – pied chaud

                                                                                                                                 photo Anna

two crazy ladies


City of 1770

the beach / la plage

amazing sky / ciel fascinant

JF, Wanda, Anna, Paul – photo Hanny

Paul and Hanny

Town of 1770, the bay / la baie

Paul, Hanny, Wanda, JF – in our favorite restaurant (the only one open) / dans notre restaurant favori (le seul ouvert)

le lieutenant James Cook jetta l’ancre en cet endroit le 24 mai 1770


Deepwater National Park

Flat Rock

Flat Rock


middle rock

Paul and Wanda

Attention, la police et les voleurs patrouillent dans cette zone. Ne laissez pas d’oblets de valeur dans votre vehicule


Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave is a tiny 15-hectare island approx 50 km Noth-East of Town of 10 and sits on the western rim of a stunning turquoise blue reef lagoon. A squeaky, white-sand beach fringes a dense canopy of pisonia forest which brims with roosting bird life. Birds nest from October to April while green turtles nest from November to February. The entire island is an uninhabited national park.

Lady Musgrave Island

the lagoon / la lagune  


Hanny,Wanda, Anna, JF

Paul, Wanda, Anna, JF

Lady Musgrave Island and lagoon

bleu turquoise

turtle, taking a breath of air / tortue de mer, prenant une bouffee d’airwhite sand /sable blanc


                                            sea cucumber / concombre de mer

departing / le depart

Anna unfortunately wounded her leg by slipping on the coral rock on the beach and we had to shorten the excursion. Luckily the wound appeared to be only superficial, although it stll required 13 stitches.

This incident made us miss the snorkling. We will have to come back..


Anna s’est malencontreusement blessee a la jambe en glissant sur le corail sur la plage. Cela nous a oblige a racourcir la sortie. Heureusement la blessure s’est averee etre superficielle, mais cela lui a quand meme valu 13 points de suture. 

Cet incident nous a fait manquer la plongee. Il nous faudra revenir…

Moreton Island

September 19, 2010

Moreton Island is located 35 km East of from Brisbane. It takes one hour to get there by boat. The island all of sand. A large part of the island is National Park. There is also a resort, Tangalooma Island Resort, where we stayed. We spent 2 nights in the resort and toured the island with a 4 wheel drive. The resort is horrible, a kind of factory for massa tourism. We spent there a minimum of time. The rest of the island is beautiful and quite. We went right up to the northern part of the island (North Point) where we were lucky to see whales.

piece of wreck, Glass House Mountains in the background

                                                                                    Baba and Wanda, East Coast on the background

Students with their teacher at Cape Moreton State School ca. 1913

Back home. Wanda with her first ever self baked bread