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Gold Coast Hinterland

February 27, 2011

We went to visit our friends Hanny and Christine who are spending six weeks in Broad Beach (Gold Coast). We spent the night at there place and went the next day for a forest walk in the Hinterland

Avons rendu visite à nos amis Hanny et Christine qui sont pour six semaines à Broad Beach (Gold Coast). Nous avons passé la nuit chez eux et le jour suivant nous sommes allés faire une randonnée en forêt dans le Hinterland

Tamborine Moutain, at the Polish House. Our friends the parrots were awaiting us

Christine and Wanda

Broad Beach, view from the apartment

Last year the two towers on the front (Pepper towers) were still under construction and the works were on hold due to financial difficulties. They obviously managed to solve the issue and complete the constructions. Not all  apartments are sold, I saw a promotional ad at the movies the other day

Dinner at Moo Moo’s. Christine and the steak

Moo Moo is a trendy restaurant in Broad Beach. They specialize in steak. Christine ordered a steak, to be well done. It took ages before it came. When it finally was served it looked miserable, was burned on both sides. We complained. They were not very apologetic, mentioned this is the way they prepare it, but if we are not satisfied they will not charge it. So Christine had a very light dinner. Wanda, Hanny and myself had fish which was OK. I would not recommend this place for it’s meat.  

Had a long walk in Binna Burra (a section of the Lamington National Park), in the mountains, approximately 40 km from the coast. Beautiful world heritage rainforest.

Avons fait une longue randonnée dans le parc national de Lamington (section Binna Burra), dans les collines (ici on dit montagnes), à environ 40km de la côte. Belle forêt subtropicale faisant partie du patrimoine mondial .    

Balundjui cascade


Restaurant Alchemy  

Met again with Hanny and Christine, in Brisbane this time. We had dinner together at restaurant Alchemy. The restaurant had been closed because of the floods and had just reopened 

Christine ordered again a “well done” steak. Again not such a success, this time it appeared to still be red. The restaurant apologised in a friendly manner, admitted the mistake and took it of the bill. The rest of the meal was excellent. We can keep on recommending this restaurant  

This photo is not very sharp, I don’t remember what we drunk that evening. That’s maybe why….  / cette photo est bien floue. Je ne me souviens pas ce que nous avons bu ce soir la. C’est peut-être ça la raison…