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Fraser Island and Lady Musgrove Island revisited – Australia

January 7, 2014

December 2013 /January 2014

Back in Australia for Christmas and New Year‘s Eve

En Australie pour célébrer Noel et Nouvel An

Fraser Island

IMG_9532the wreck

IMG_9575Peter, Kinga and Wanda

1528518_10152094325519346_1635247027_nstranded car, we helped them out of the hole

IMG_1770Fraser Island, East coast


IMG_1786Peter, Wanda, Kinga, Paul

1551627_10152099160284346_923044517_nsame plus our pilot (he he he)

1525033_568185819939391_958751195_nGarawongera Lake, Fraser Island

525192_10152115817579346_1805941581_nEli Creek, Fraser Island





1526215_568200279937945_1693264801_nYoung dingo howling

IMG_9588East coast

1544612_10152099760094346_518129790_nLake Wabby, Fraser Island


IMG_1806Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

IMG_9584Happy Vallee, Fraser Island

IMG_9580Downtown Happy Vallee

Town of 1770 and surroundings

IMG_1838Agnes Water

IMG_1862Jenny Lind Creek and Bustard Bay

IMG_1872Bustard Head Light Station Museum


IMG_1887Coral See / Mer de Corail

IMG_1889-2Ships lining up for Gladstone harbor on the horizon

IMG_1852Peter sliding down the sand dune


IMG_1899Army of small crabs at Jenny Lind Creek

IMG_1907big crab

Lady Musgrove Island


IMG_1926Lady Musgrove lagoon

IMG_1916Lady Musgrove Island

1525628_10152115817969346_421068192_nPaul diving in the lagoon


IMG_9614Town of 1770

IMG_9617Glasshouse Mountains

Fraser Island revisited

January 8, 2012


L’île de Fraser revisitée

Four days trip to Fraser Island together with Karolyna and Jean-Marc

Quatre jours sur l’île Fraser, avec Karolyna et Jean-Marc

 75 miles beach (East Coast) 

The region’s Aborigines call it K’Gari (paradise). Sculpted from wind, sand and surf, the striking blue freshwater lakes, crystaline creeks, giant dunes and lush rainforests of this gigantic sandbar form an enigmatic island paradise unlike any other in the world. Created over hundreds of thousands of years from sand drifting off the east coast of mainland Australia, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (measuring 120km by 15km) and the only place where rainforest grows on sand.

Les aborigènes de la région nomment l’ìle K’Gari (/paradis). Sculptés par le vent et le sable, les lacs d’un bleu marqué, les rivières cristallines, les dunes géantes et les forêts tropicales de cette gigantesque langue de sable forment une île paradisiaque enigmatique, différente de toute autre île au monde. Créee aux cours de centaines de milliers d’années par le sable soufflé depuis la côte est australienne, l’île de Fraser est la plus grande île de sable au monde (mesurant 120km de long et 15km de large) et le seul endroit ou la forêt tropicale pousse sur le sable.  

Karolyna, Jean-Marc and Wanda

Indian Head (background) – Karolyna and the bottle of champagne (on the ground)

Champagne Pools – Wanda, Paul, Karolyna 

Jean-Marc, Karolyna, Wanda 

with the bubbles…/ avec la mousse et les bulles

young dingo / jeune dingo

dingo on the beach / dingo sur la plage          photo: unknown

Central Station – the forest

Central Station – Creek

This forest burnt a month ago – note the white encalyptus in the middle of the calcinated trees 

Un incendie a éclaté il y a un mois dans cette forêt. Notez l’Eucalyptus blanc au milieu des arbres calcinés

Wanda managed to wound her foot (after having already broken 2 little toes the previous month). After this she could hardly walk for 2 days. Luckily this time nothing was broken.

lézard géant

Harvey Bay (West coast) with Big Woody Island in the background

Lake Wabby seen from above

Lake Mc Kenzie

Karolyna and Wanda

Lake McKenzy


75 miles beach

Our car while it was still running (broke down the last day, on the way back)

Notre véhicule alors qu’il fonctionnait encore (a rendu l’âme le dernier jour, au retour)


Magic Sunset – Coucher de soleil magique

Cracow and Fraser Island

December 29, 2010

Cracow – Surprise Trip

We departed from Brisbane Wednesday morning December 22. The destination was meant to be a surprise for both Baba and Sebastian. All what they knew was that we would finally end up a couple of days later at Fraser Island where we would spend Christmas.

We drove to the north and took the Burnett Highway in direction of Nanango and Gayndah. We had rented a 4 wheel drive for the trip.

Goomeri, between Nanango and Gayndah


Ban Ban Spring, 30 km before Gayndah. It was raining.



Cracow was the destination of our surprise trip. We arrived there around 7pm, after an 8 hour drive over some 700km. It was raining during the most part of the journey. The last part of the road was unsealed.  

The ghost city

In the old times Cracow was a gold mine city. It was deserted in the 70’s when the mines closed. The population shrunk from 3000 to maybe 20. It revived partialy in the early 2000’s when one of the mines was reopened. It however still looks like a ghost city, with the exception of the pub which is very much alive.

Hotel Cracow

In Australia an hotel is in fact a pub. However, this pub also has rooms and that’s where we spent the night.



baobab tree

The road was cut 15km after Cracow. The creek had swallen and there was more than 1 meter of water over the road. There was no way through. We could only go back to Cracow and wait until the situation would improve. There was a possibility we would have to spend a second night in the pub. This was no pleasant perspective  

Back in the pub and breakfast in the empty dining room. Nothing to eat. Good thing we had our own food.

There was absolutely no one around. Spooky like hell. The staff showed up later, around 10am and the pub went open. By noon the situation at the creek improved. We were informed  the water level was down to 60cm and that we could cross the water within an hour.

Theodore, 50km after Cracow

We just could make it through Theodore. A section of the main road was only accessible for 4 wheel drives. Five days later we heard the city of Theodore was totally flooded and had to be evacuated. We were really lucky we could make it through.

Banana the bullock


Fraser Island

Lake MacKenzie

Fraser Island & Rainbow Beach

May 25, 2010

Fraser Island

Petit voyage de quatre jours vers Fraser Island et Rainbow Beach, à environ 250km au nord de Brisbane, sur la côte Pacifique (mer de Corail), en compagnie de nos amis Chantal et Jean-François qui sont venus depuis la Suisse.

Fraser Island est une île faisant environ 123 km de longueur, constituée essentiellement de sable et recouverte de forêt. C’est la plus grande île de sable au monde.

Pour se déplacer du sud au nord on roule sur la plage. On en peut y aller qu’en 4×4. Nous en avons loué un pour l’occasion. La conduite sur la plage est terriblement grisante.    

Brisbane,le soir avant le départ / evening before the departure 

the ferry



 le premier dingo que nous voyons, sur la plage / the first dingo we see, on the beach

la vue depuis notre bungalow / the view from our lodge

Satinay / Syncapia hillii – diameter at breast height 215cm, diamètre à hauteur de poitrine 215 cm


Lake Boomanjin

 photo JFJ

photo JFJ

photo JFJ


Lake Wabby


L’arbre tatoué / the tatood tree




Maheno Shipwreck

Sold as scrap metal to the Japanese in 1935, it was beeing towed from Sydney to Tokyo by another ship when the rope broke during storms raging off the Queensland coast. The Maheno washed ashore on 9th July 1935 and has been a tourist attraction ever since. The stern of the wreck was badly damaged in the second World War after the Australian air force and navy carried out some bombing practice on it. Luckily it wasn’t hit very often. It is still an impressive landmark on the Eastern Beach.


The Pinnacles



Champagne pools


Waddy Point


Rainbow Beach

Coloured Sands Legend

According to aboriginal dreamtime legend, a beautiful black maiden by the name of Murrawar lived on the banks of the Noosa River. Murrawar fell in love with the rainbow, which came to visit her every morning, as she clapped her hands and sang to her lovely rainbow. One day Burwilla, a wicked tribesman, stole Murrawar for his slave. Murrawar worked all day while Burwilla sat in the shade admiring his evil spirited killing boomerang. His boomerang was larger than the largest tree in the forest. After some time, Murrawar managed to run away, running along the beach as fast as her legs could carry her. Burwilla’s boomerang was chasing her and she called out for help she fell to the ground too frightened to run. Suddenly a loud noise in the sky saw Murrawar’s faithful rainbow racing towards her across the sea. The evil spirited boomerand attacked the brave rainbow and they met with a loud roar and thunder, killing the boomerang and shattering the rainbow in thousands of little pieces.

As the coloured pieces of the rainbow landed on the beach, the sand dunes magically transformed themselves into the “coloured sands” that they are today.



Lake Poona


La dinde sauvage n’arrêtait pas de bouger, impossible de photographier normalement 


Carlo Sand Blow

Une dune de sable, entourée de forêt et qui surplombe la plage de Rainbow Beach

époustouflant, de toute grande beauté