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Varirata National Park

March 22, 2014

March 2014

Bush walk through Varirata National Park, 40 minutes drive uphill from Port Morseby. Great views. Heard and saw birds of paradise in the forest, impossible to photograph, they were too far and too fast….

Randonnée dans le parc national de Varirata, sur les hauteurs de Port Moresby (40 minutes de route). Vues superbes. Avons vu et entendu les fameux “birds of paradise” (oiseaux du paradis), mais impossible à photographier, ils étaient trop loin et trop rapides…

20140309_100015view on Bootless Bay and Loloata Island


20140309_110701Dave and Julian, airport and Airways residence in the background

Dave, Paul and Julian

IMAG2867with our guide


20140309_124434flat tire / pneu crevé


Dave et Julian au travail / Dave and Julian at work

IMG_6852group of happy guys passing by, my lucky shot / groupe de joyeux lurons nous croisant, un cliché heureux


My Work – Port Moresby

March 22, 2014

Mon Travail

20140219_061923February 2014 , 06:15am – walking down the hill / à l’aube, en route pour le chanter

IMG00009-20130705-1138July 2013 – Le chef de projet:élégance chantier ou pêche aux moules? / The project manager: construction site fashion or fishing mussels?

DSC00509-1December 2013 – The Project Management Team / l’équipe projet

Picture1-1February 2014 – safety talk / rappel sécurité



DSC00506-1December 2013 – civil works team

DSC03514-1December 2013 – construction team

IMAG2309February 2014 – Still a long way to go / encore un bon bout de chemin à faire

IMG00102-20130929-1701Wanda visiting, view from water tower – September 2013

Christmas Dinner with colleagues – Port Moresby

January 7, 2014

December 2013


IMG_9438Jason, Richard, Jones, Charlene, Vivienne, Rick, Hannah, Joana


IMG_9441John, Gima, Berdg, Thomas

IMG_9442Linda, John, Peter, Leon

IMG_9443Leon and Neil


IMG_9446Jason, Michelle, Richard

IMG_9447Jones, Charlene, Vivienne

IMG_9450Leon, Neil, Jerome, Jim

IMG_9458Michelle, me, Jones

IMG_9459Rick, Joana, Hannah

Christmas Party – Port Moresby

January 7, 2014

December 2013

Christmas party organized by my work in Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby



IMG_9402dancing queen, believe it or not, Wanda got the prize for best dancer









IMG_9420all the best…


A short visit to Singapore

December 25, 2013


Courte visite à Singapore

Business trip, attending a conference


Brève incursion à Singapore pour participer  une conférence



20131007_180715collègues Alvin Yeo, Thomas Chan, Wanchart Pooa, Alan Lee, Kawamura Yutaka, Roy Tan

20131029_201236Yeo Chiu Har and Susan Wong


Spectacular light &  laser show 


Ela Beach Market and others

December 22, 2013

September 2013

Ella Beach Market


Le marché artisanal de Ella Beach, à Port Moresby,  a lieu  le dernier samedi du mois.

The Ella beach craft market takes place every last saturday of the month.

IMG_9180 - Version 2                                                                                                                                          

Youth Cultural Show on the market








Port MoresbyIMG_9209

IMG00006-20130629-1125-1dans une menuiserie /in a charpenter workshop

IMG00102-20130929-1701Wanda and our construction site on the background /notre chantier à l’arrière-plan

dinner at my placesteak dinnerJimmy Lee, Leon Andrews, Neil Armstrong, Jones Baruti, Jerome Lester, Richard Stewart, Peter Magoulick and Berdg Papazian

Party at the Kearney’s

December 22, 2013

September 2013

Fête chez les Kearney’s (Port Moresby)

IMG_9211Linda and Wanda

IMG_9213Yvette & Joana

IMG_9215Linda and Rick

IMG_9216Marina, Julian and Wanda

SAM_1729Jim, Mike, Gabriel, Jerome and Peter

IMG_9217Master Chef Berdg


IMG_9223family Stableford

IMG_9224The Lo’s and James

SAM_1774Gabriel and partner

SAM_1732Yvette, Pavel and Hannah

IMG_9225Marina, Wanda and some vodka


SAM_1734front: Yvette, Wanda, Hannah, Jerome, Jim, Pavel, Berdg                                                                                                                                                           back: Julian,Neil, Paul, Marina, Mike, Peter, Leon (back), Tony, Gabriel, Tony’s wife, Joana

Linda John and JimJohn, Linda, Jim

IMG_9226Yvette, Leon, Joana, Hannah, Jerome, Berdg

SAM_1769Rick, Joana, Neil





Tai’s Second Farewell

December 30, 2012


It is the second time that colleague Tai is leaving us. The first time was a year ago, when he still was in Houston. After only three months we  asked him to come and join us in Brisbane. We therefore wonder if this will really be the last time, there might be a ¨boomerang effect” bringing him back to us. So, as we say in French, ¨ce n’est qu’un au revoir

Morning Tea at the Office

Copie de IMG00070-20121206-1539

modest gifts including peanuts and signed boomerang

IMG00072-20121206-1540 - Copie

John, Paul, Tai, Sharon and Jarod 


John, Scott, Sharon, Tai, Paul and Jarod


P1040509 - Copie

Scott, John, Linda, Richard, Tai, Wanda, Paul


P1040517 - Copie

Scott, John, Linda, Richard

Paëlla at Birkalla Street


the three cooks: Cris, Wanda and Gaby


Tai, Linda, John, Jarod, Sharon, Gaby and Cris

Lone Pine


Tai, unable to get rid of his peanuts

Team Build Up

June 22, 2012

Go-Kart Team Build Up

At Kingston Park Raceway, with colleagues. It was raining like hell. Never got so wet in my entire life. But it was great fun. Shall never forget. Very successful team build up.

Impossible to take photos of the race itself . Too much concentrated on the action, too much rain and on top of it it was dark. So here are some group photos instead, taken after the race

Peter, John K., Scott, Richard, Tai, Paul, John C., Michael B. and Jarod

Wet, wet, wet. Trying to warm up under the heater

i purchased a T-shirt, just to have something dry to wear

The official team photo

The winners and the looser

 We ended up in a South End restaurant, with our soaked clothes. Everyone started by ordering a cognac, to try and warm up

Peter Magoulick

John Cooper

Richard Stewart

 jarod and his girlfriend

BBQ @ Birkalla 

BBQ at my place with my colleagues. Master Scotsman did a great job

Tai, Jarod, Richard, John, Sharon, John K, Linda, Ralph

Mister Roco 

Tai, Jarod, Richard, Scott, John C., Sharon, John K, Linda, Ralph, Kelly

same, less Tai, +me

Multiple Teams @ Restaurant Cha Cha Char

3 tables, 3 different teams

John, Jarod and Richard

Excellent dinner. Great steaks. This place is highly recommended.

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