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November 24, 2013

July 2013

Exhibition in Amsterdam in memory of my friend Gerrit who passed away in December 2012. An opportunity to get together with some good old friends, some of them I had did not met since quite a few years.

Exposition à Amsterdam à la mémoire de mon ami Gerrit qui s’est éteint en décembre 2012.  L’occasion de se réunir avec de vieux amis dont certains je n’avais plus vu depuis bien des années.


IMGP2254Gerrit, auto-portrait

IMGP2229Yoyo and Molly


IMGP2231Toutoune, the dog

IMGP2235small speech / petit discours



IMGP2240one of his last works



IMGP2250Mees and Paul


IMGP2256Gertie, Hannie, Wouter

After the opening, dinner with some of the friends

gerit dinner1 IMG_1081

gerrit dinner2 IMG_1088



IMG_1094Vesna, Yoyo, Véronique

IMG_1099une “boëlée” pour Gerrit

IMG_1100Yoyo, Véronique, Isabelle

The following day

IMG00019-20130714-1054Isabelle, in de Jordaan


IMG00040-20130714-1544Charlie and Paul

IMG00042-20130714-1810in the pub with Ruth, Isabelle, Paul, Unknown and Chalie

IMG00053-20130714-2155Happy Hannie


IMG00054-20130714-2155Charlie, Ruth, Molly

gerrit atelier IMG_9139

Gerrit dans son atelier

for information about Gerrit the artist click on <>

August in Amsterdam

September 28, 2012


Passing by Amsterdam, before and after Switzerland. Good to be there again and visit some friends

Deux courts passages à Amsterdam, avant et après la Suisse. Bon d’être la à nouveau et de revoir quelques amis

like a tourist in my own town/comme un touriste dans ma propre ville

Amstel River

American Hotel

just landed, pretty much jetlegged

Pete Purnell

my portrait by Pete Purnell

Frankufter Wurst auf der Autobahn – on the way back from Switzerland

Thai restaurant, in our street – with Karolyna

Paul Wanda, Pete – just before my departure to Australia

Autumn in Europe

November 13, 2011

29/10/11 – 06/11/11 

I took profit of a business trip to London to visit both Switzerland and Amsterdam and meet some friends and family. I was very fortunate with the weather and could witness autumn in it’s full glory.

Ai profité d’un voyage d’affaires à Londres pour faire un saut en Suisse et à Amsterdam et visiter des amis et la famille. Ai eu de la chance avec le temps qui était superbe: l’automne dans toute sa splendeur…


The Alps with the Mont Blanc / Les alpes et le Mont Blanc

Le Trétien

Le Trétien and La Crettaz (on the other side of the valley)

Jean-François’ chalet

vue depuis ma terrasse / view from our terrace

soirée râclette chez Jean-François / râclette evening at Jean-François’

10:15 am, still fresh / 10 heures et quart, encore frais

10:20 am, here comes the sun / 10 heures vingt, le soleil est la



Oxford Street -fully in the Christmas spirit/déjà dans l’esprit de Noël

Tout le monde n’est pas touché par la crise / not everyone is struck by the crises

Hyde Park

Marble Arch: my hotel in the background /mon hotel à l’arrière-plan



Prinsengracht en Westerkerk

Mr Rembrandt, still standing on the square although 90 degrees rotated

Munt en hotel Europe



Gallery WM

Last day of exhibition “Pleasure Works” by Maurycy Gomulicki /

Dernier jour de l’exposition “Pleasure Works” de Maurycy Gomulicki

Sebastian in the gallery

Sebastian, Jimmy Rage, Arjana, Paul

Aimée and Nahuel

The back of the house / l’arrière maison

Pete Purnell and his photo-portrait show “My Colours” at Prinsengracht 575

The show runs until 27 November 2011


With my friend Gerrit



Escale de 3 heures à Singapore / 3 hours transit-stop in Singapore

Captain Wanda in 88 days around the world, part two

September 19, 2011
starring Wanda Michalak 
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  Kirsty Pattinson Haha, love the old guys in the back! Completely unaware you are controlling the plane? (13 September at 19:53) 

 Chris Kruizinga Looks very professional! Especially with the “what to do in an emergency”-card within reach. (13 September at 20:20)

Wanda Michalak hiiii…. yes, to both of you (13 September at 21:17)

 Susan Medeiros ‎@ Chris…not to mention the easy access to the fire extinguisher! Maybe you had to be over a certain age to be a passenger seeing that Wanda was at the (14 September at 00:09) 

Chris Kruizinga Yeah, it’s significant that all passengers have their eyes closed. Except the one in the middle; he’s obviously planning his escape… lol (14 September at 00:23)

 Susan Medeiros ‎@Chris Kruizinga: yes, but i noticed that Wanda did not provide her passengers with parachutes…. (14 September at 01:22)

 Susan Medeiros Actually, the man in the middle should have been looking at the emergency instructions on the first seat…oops, he could not reach it….lol (just kidding around) (14 September at 01:24)

 Chris Kruizinga Well, we know that there is no escape with Wanda at the helm. But those poor guys…

…and Susan, we’d better prepare our defenses for when Wanda wakes up. 🙂 (14 September at 02:17)

 Wanda Michalak Oh i see, you two grass snakes having a field day at my expencess:))) Susan Medeiros meet Chris Kruizinga , Chris meet Susan…..or did you already meet?….and wait for taking off again and land again and take off and land….:) (14 September at 06:32)

 Chris Kruizinga It’s just such an inspirational photo. For instance, haven’t even mentioned the reflection in your sunglasses of that Boeing 747. 😉 (14 September at 06:47)

 Susan Medeiros oh, gee, rofl……Hello Chris! Fasten your seat belt because we are in for a bumpy ride, eh Wanda? Judging from the reflection, we are definitely in trouble! Hee hee…..        (14 September at 06:49)

 Wanda Michalak Hahaha……shouldn’t you guys go to bed????  (14 September at 06:51)

 Susan Medeiros Pardon? You watch the controls! (14 September at 07:06)

 Chris Kruizinga Almost. Straight after tonight’s featuring movie “Captain Wanda in 88 days around the world, part two”. (14 September at 07:10)

 Wanda Michalak Hehehe….almost time for the NeXT landing!!!! (14 September at 07:14)

  Chris Kruizinga Any haystacks nearby? (14 September at 07:16)

 Wanda Michalak It’s a DESERT!!!….D (14 September at 07:18)

 Chris Kruizinga Yes, the perfect place to dry your hay! :)) (14 September at 07:20)

  Susan Medeiros well, that is if you have been able to follow the little arrow on the dashboard..  (14 September at 07:21)

  Susan Medeiros oh, stop it, Chris…you are killing me!  (14 September at 07:21)

  Chris Kruizinga Don’t! Think of those innocent, feeble men. They still have plans for their future: getting kids, going to Disneyland and asking a refund for this trip… (14 September at 07:24)

  Wanda Michalak yeah Chris! stop it!!! you are killing me too and I didn’t have a breakfast yet!  (14 September at 07:24)

  Wanda Michalak Chris is on the GO:D  (14 September at 07:25)

  Susan Medeiros LOL LOL Like I said, at least they have had a full life already! Only   kidding….they are having the time of their life, good thing too  (14 September at 07:25)

  Susan Medeiros You never mind, Wanda…I am sure that you did a wonderful job landing the plane….still have all your teeth?  (14 September at 07:26)

  Wanda Michalak LOL…I need cup’o tea!!!!   (14 September at 07:28)

  Susan Medeiros and btw, Disneyland can not possibly match up to the ride in that plane. Space Mountain eat your heart out!!!  (14 September at 07:28)

  Wanda Michalak heeeeeee weeee.will you stop that??? NOW!  (14 September at 07:29) 

  Susan Medeiros go ahead, drink your tea…you deserve it after that harrowing experience….lol….no, really, i think that there is a future in piloting senior citizens around…..not too much insurance premiums  (14 September at 07:29)

  Chris Kruizinga Wanda, you can always get back at us by getting your flying-license! (14 September at 07:29)

  Susan Medeiros ‎@Chris Kruizinga: LOL LOL  (14 September at 07:30)

 Susan Medeiros just make sure they remove their dentures before landing….  (14 September at 07:30)

  Wanda Michalak I am going to get flying doctors license and THEN I’ll GET you:)  (14 September at 07:30)

 Susan Medeiros ok, enough….just messing around…   (14 September at 07:31)

  Susan Medeiros uh-oh…..i am going into hiding  (14 September at 07:31)

  Susan Medeiros good nite, i am leaving you now…have a great day, Wanda, and Chris, have a good nite’s sleep   (14 September at 07:32)

  Wanda Michalak enough! I am sitting in a cold room laughing at the computer, how sad is that:-) and I got the    mother of cold so please, please stop it , I need a hot drink…LOL (14 September at 07:32)

  Susan Medeiros i am also laughing at a computer…yes, it is sad…. (14 September at 07:33)

  Susan Medeiros kiss kiss   (14 September at 07:33)

 Wanda Michalak hah ah haaaa…Chris, go to bed! Fallow Susan…ep…you know what I mean:)                                   (14 September at 07:34)

  Wanda Michalak kiss kiss hon  (14 September at 07:34)

  Chris Kruizinga Kussies and beterschap (Kisses and better-ship… eh get well soon)  (14 September at 07:34)

  Susan Medeiros yes, get better…talk to you soon…   (14 September at 07:35)

  Wanda Michalak nite nite guys   (14 September at 07:35)

  Chris Kruizinga And you go to bed, too, Wanda; all day long! Enjoyed this !!! 🙂 (14 September at 07:35)

  Kinga Kubalok Kochana a co ja mam wspolnego z tym zdjeciem??? Nie kapuje. Ty chyba sie za mna stesknilas :)))))(14 September at 20:27)

  Wanda Michalak Zatagowalam cie zebysogla te texty poczytac sa strasznie smieszne:)  (15 September at 02:32)

  Kinga Kubalok Gdzie ladowaliscie na highway???? :)))))))))) kapitalne   (15 September at 03:14)

  Paul Schaublin Have we finally landed? Koniecz?  (Saturday at 12:58)

  Wanda Michalak Not yet!   (Saturday at 14:11)


Winter in Brisbane – August 2011

August 19, 2011

Brisbane en hiver – Août 2011

Birkalla Street, sunrise / lever du soleil

Bulimba ferry, 6:15AM – full moon /à l’aube, pleine lune

White duck and his friends the wild ducks / le canard blanc et ses amis les canards sauvages 

Birkalla Street 54, Bulimba – our house, Sunday 8am / notre maison, dimanche 8 heures du matin

Sunday 8am. Just came back from Europe. Slightly jetlegged. Could not find my keys. Spent an hour waiting outside until our friend Ray came and let me in, using spear keys I had left with him. Poor guy had to drive all the way from Gold Coast where he was spending the week end. This was worth a reward.   

Dimanche 8 heures du matin. De retour d’Europe. Bien fatigué du voyage. Ne trouve pas mes clés. J’attends dehors pendant une heure, jusqu’a ce que notre ami Ray arrive avec un double des clés que je lui avais confié. Le pauvre a fait tout le trajet depuis Gold Coast ou il passait le week end.  Cela méritait récompense.


Birkalla Street – Real Estate Activities / Activités Immobilières

house under construction just next to us / maison en construction à côté de chez nous

old house demolished, to make place for new one / veille maison démolie pour faire place à une nouvelle

A beautiful old garden tree disappeared during the operation. Many birds and possibly some possums had to find a new home  / Un vieil arbre a disparu du jardin durant l’opération. Bien des oiseaux et probablement quelques possums ont du chercher un nouvel abris. 

maison à vendre / house for sale


10 August, another house, this one preparing to go / 10 aout, préparatifs pour le départ d’une autre maison

August 11, the carrier arrived / 11 août, le transporteur est arrivé

12 August, the house is gone / 12 août, la maison a disparu

Le transport a eu lieu au milieu de la nuit, trop sombre pour photographier / the move occured in the middle of the night, too dark to shoot photo

The Real Estate business seems to be healthy in the Birkalla Street, no sign of a crisis / L’immobilier a l’air de se porter bien à la Birkalla Street, pas de signe de crise 


View of Brisbane from Southbank


Patricia’s birthday party

 Anthony and Patricia

Patricia is Wanda’s Spanish teacher / Patricia est la prof d’espagnole de Wanda

paëlla magistrale


Rock’n Roll George

Exhibition in the Queensland Museum South Bank

For many decades, George Kiprios, aka Rock ‘N’ Roll George, drove his beloved Holden 48-215 around the streets of Brisbane.

George represented something timeless: regular as clockwork he cruised the city, radio blaring and wearing his trademark purple stovepipe trousers. As he and the car aged, george became a local legend, a classic ‘character’ who was a constant in acity undergoing rapid and irreversible change. To fill the gaps in the mystery about just who this old rock ‘n roller really was, stories emerged around George. Fact and fiction became part of the mystique.

One theory is that on a night  just after he acquired the Holden he spotted a carvaceous angel by the road side, smiling. He spun around the block, casually cruising back. But she had gone. The street was tragically bare – and Rock’N’Roll has been rolling by ever since – Frank Robson and David May, Dare to be Different, 1982


Bulimba Festival

The festival had not be held the past years and has now been reinstated. It takes place on Oxford street. It is not really a festival but rather an animated market. It appeared to be a good success. I was there in the morning, when everything was starting up. hereunder a few photos, just to give an impression. 

yes, there was some Dutch representation: poffertjes!

Kevin Rudd’s stand, we are in his district / le stand de Kevin Rudd, ancien premier ministre, actuel ministre des affaires étrangères, nous sommes dans sa circoncription

Anthony and his associate, the churros champions

Greece and Germany neighbouring, a hope for the future of the European Community

Mercedes Benz was also represented. Bulimba seems to be a wealthy district

setting the table for lunch / on met la table pour le déjeuner (dîner pour la Suisse)

And there was music, excellent band, they opened the show at 10am / et il y avait de la musique, très bon groupe, ils ont ouvert le spectacle a 10 heures du matin

the park


Sunset, City view from High Gate Hill / coucher de soleil


In the meantime in Amsterdam

In the meantime, Wanda celebrated her birthday in Amsterdam / entretemps Wanda fêtait son anniversaire à Amsterdam



Kinga and Ferran (los Sopranos)

Wanda and Patricia (Ribas) 


Brisbane & Amsterdam

June 19, 2011

Brisbane & Amsterdam

Visions of Brisbane and Amsterdam, two light cities. Photos shot by a colleague of mine.

Vues de Brisbane et Amsterdam, deux villes lumière. Photos prises par un collègue.

Brisbane, May 2010 – photo Michael Partney

Brisbane, June 21, 2011 – photo Michael Partney

Amsterdam, December 2010 – photo Michael Partney

Michael lives and works in Houston / Michael vit et travaille à Houston

for more information see

In the meantime in the Netherlands

February 6, 2011

Just received from Dutch acquaintances the attached article taken from a regional newspaper and which was published in September 2010. It refers to major roadworks around Utrecht. It appears there is a Paul Scheublin, project manager working for the municipality of Leidsche Rijn. These friends of mine were asking if I was the guy. They understood it was someone else when they learned I was in Australia. also, the name is spelled slightly differently. This is funny, there are not many Schä(e)ublin’s in the Netherlands, and certainly not with the same first name and doing the kind of  job.

Des connaissances hollandaises m’ont fait parvenir un petit article qui avait été publié en septembre 2010 dans un journal régional. L’article fait référence à des travaux importants d’élargissement de l’autoroute autour de Utrecht, dans le centre du pays. Il mentionne un certain Paul Scheublin qui est chef de projet et qui travaille pour la municipalité de Leidsche Rijn. Ces amis croyaient que c’était moi mais on compris que c’était quelqu’un d’autre lorsqu’ils ont appris que j’étais en Australie. Aussi le nom est écrit légèrement differemment. C’est marrant car il n’y pas beaucoup de Schä(e)ublin en Hollande, certainement pas avec le même prénom et le même métier.

July 2010 – Back in Europe for a month

August 8, 2010


I flew back from Brisbane to Amsterdam. Spent one night in Amsterdam, before travelling further to Switzerland to meet Wanda who already was there. This was just enough to appreciate some of the football world cup flavor. Holland was playing Brazil in the quarter final that day and they managed to beat them.  

Germany eliminated Argentina in the quarter finals. Holland made it to the final and lost from Spain. The best won and became world champion.

Le Trétien (Switzerland)

I arrived in Le Trétien on July 3. It was really nice to be back there and to see friends and acquintances again. The same day there was a celebration in the village

Les 15 ans du SIAT (Syndicat d’Initiative des Amis du Trétien) 

Mado et Benoit


Excursion à Emaney


Virée sur le lac Leman avec Jean-François

Begur (Spain)

After one week in Switzerland we travelled to Begur and  spent there 2 weeks in our new house. There also we met friends and acquintances.

Dinner with Anka



Friends visiting

Dinner party


Dinner at Anka’s restaurant







Viaduct de Millau

Nederlandse verkiezingen

June 12, 2010

Poussée de l’extrême droite aux Pays-Bas. Incroyable qu’un parti qui prône l’interdiction du Coran et l’imposition du port du voile puisse obtenir 24 siège au Parlement. Les sondages le prévoyaient mais le résultat surprend malgré tout.

La politique du bistrot (refaire le monde autour d’un verre) s’installe et se légitimise de plus en plus. Il faudra bientôt installer un bar au Parlement. C’est aussi nommé populisme. Politique simpliste non nuancée souvent basée sur l’ignorance. Il ya juste les bons et les méchants.

Cela confirme la tendance ultra droitiste en Europe (voir Italie, Hongrie, etc…).

Une vague brune sournoise est entrain d’infiltrer l’Europe et risque de finir par la submerger. Bien plus dangereuse que la marée noire actuelle dans le Golfe du Mexique.

Il y a des problèmes c’est clair. Mais je ne pense pas que ce soit par des interdictions qu’on arrivera à les résoudre. Il faut parler intégration, communication, dialogue et surtout information. La politique négative de ségrégation n’apporte rien à terme, si ce n’est peut-être parfois une guerre (voir l’ex Yougoslavie, le Rwanda…)

Espérons qu’un jour la raison l’emportera.


Een bijzondere slechte dag voor Nederland. Hoe is het in Godsnaam mogelijk dat een partij die de Koran wil verbieden en het dragen van hoofddoekjes wil taxeren 24 zetels krijgt in het Parlement. De peilingen hadden het voorspeld, maar als je de uitslag ziet is het toch verassend.


Bad day for the Netherlands. How is it possible that a party which is willing to forbid the Curan and is proposing to tax vails receives 24 seats in the Parlement? The statistics had forecasted such outcome, but this confirmation remains to me a surprise.

WM Gallery – 10 Year Anniversary

January 23, 2010

16 january 2010. Time to celebrate the 10 years of the Gallery. Quite a milesstone. We had many reasons to celebrate:

  • 10 year Gallery, by itself reason enough to celebrate 
  • Wanda stopping her galerist activity because of migration to Australia
  • handover activity to the Rypson&Blaton association
  • By Rypson understand Sebastian Rypson, Wanda’s son
  • By Blaton understand Nauhel (Naui) Blaton
  • book “Ten Year” published, celebrating 10 year of gallery WM (for sale for Euro 20 at the Gallery – you can contact me if you are interested)
  • photo exhibition “Ten”, featuring 10 photos by Wanda Michalak  
  • see also the Gallery website on

It was a great celebration. At the peek we could not move around so many people were present, not only  in the gallery itself, but also on the first floor.

Hereunder some snapshots, just to provide a glimpse of the event  

The evening before, dinner at the Thai restaurant with friends from Poland, Australia and Switzerland – Polaroid photo from street photographer (not bad). From left:: Milka (Poland), John (Australia), girl from Thai restaurant, Wanda, Jean-Francois (Switzerland), Robin (Australia), me 

Just before the opening, mother and son – photo Pete Purnell 

juste avant le vernissage – photo Pete Purnell

Before the big crowd arrived. From left: Paul Schäublin, Sebastian Rypson, Wanda Michalak, Jac B Rieder (from back) and wife, Aloys Ginjaar 

Paul & Wanda, during the official opening

Arjana (Sebastian’s girlfriend), with one of Wanda’s works in the background  

one of Wanda’s works (my favorite one – just like a painting)

 it in the meantime had got very crowded

funky party later in the evening. A lot of dancing

Ivonka (friend) trying to influence the dj. Did not work. Excellent dj by the way

Gerrit and Chikita

the ladies – Robin, Wanda, Maighread, Christina

they look like sisters, don’t they? This is the Polish-Irish connection

the following day, improvised lunch. With Damien (came from Paris), myself, Wanda and Naui

slunch improvisé le jour suivant. Avec Damien, Jean-Francois, Wanda et Naui (Blaton)