From Cairns to Cape Tribulation

November 2013

Cairns est seulement à une heure d’avion de Port Moresby. On s’y rend parfois pour changer d’air. Cette fois ci Wanda m’y a rejoint depuis Brisbane. Sommes restés quelques jours, histoire de reconnaître la région, rendre visite à des amis et assister à un concert de Léonard Cohen…

It is only a one hour flight from Port Moresby to Cairns. We sometimes go there for a change of air. This time Wanda joined me from Brisbane. We spent a few days in the region, traveling around, visiting friends and attending a Leonard Cohen concert.

20131123_094900Cairns market / le marché

20131123_094917very colorful / très coloré

IMG_1387mouthing of the Daintree river / embouchure du fleuve Daintree




We did not see any. But they were there, somewhere, hiding from us.

On n’en a pas vu. Mais ils étaient la, cachés quelque part


The cassowaries (IPA: /,kæsɵwæri/) are ratites (flightless birds without a keel on their sternum bone) in the genus Casuarius native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands, and northeastern Australia.[2] There are three extant species recognized today. The most common of these, the Southern Cassowary, is the third tallest and second heaviest living bird, smaller only than the ostrich and emu.

Cassowaries feed mainly on fruit, although all species are truly omnivorous and will take a range of other plant food including shoots, grass seeds, andfungi in addition to invertebrates and small vertebrates. Cassowaries are very shy, but when provoked they are capable of inflicting injuries to dogs and people, although fatalities are extremely rare.

470px-Jurong_Southern_Cassowary copyCassowary (photo courtesy Wipikedia)

IMG_1399Cape Tribulation

IMG_1404Noah Beach



IMG_1403a reminder, be carefull

IMG_1426Daintree rainforest

IMG_1432Cape Kimberley – dancing and protecting against the sandflies (a true invasion)

IMG_1434Cape Kimberley

IMG_1439crossing the Daintree River / traversée du fleuve Daintree

1459232_10152018873014346_1430990586_nPort Douglas, with Helene and Michael


IMG_1443Baron Falls revisited

IMG_1445-2Mer de Corail et environs de Cairns / Coral Sea and Cairns surroundings

IMG_1448With Grazyna and Andrzej, in their amazing garden



Leonard Cohen in Cairns20131126_202630Great concert, he gave everything he had (as usual) / Fabuleux concert, il a tout donné (comme toujours)


I know you don’t see much on the photo. Just trying to share the feeling /photo pas terrible, je sais. C’est juste pour donner one idée de l’ambiance


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