Christmas on Moreton Island


Five days on Moreton Island, just of Brisbane (one hour and half with the ferry), together with Sebastian and our friends Gaby and Chris

Cinq jours sur l’île de Moreton, au large de Brisbane (une heure et demie en bac), en compagnie de Sebastien et de nos amies Gaby et Chris

sand manthe sand man / le bonhomme de sable

224895_10151314460374346_2084795307_n[1]releasing air off the tires / dégonflage des pneus


strandedstranded truck/ camion ensablé

03IMG_8533rescued / sauvé

Christmas Eve / Veille de Noël

04IMG_8536 - CopieGaby, Wanda, Sebastian, Chris and the Christmas tree

05IMG_8538 - Copiel’arbre de Noël au premier plan                 574939_10151314460319346_243166989_n[1] to the beach

???????????????????????????????On the beach, viewing the sunset /sur la plage, au coucher de soleil





13IMG_8557 - Copie (2)




xxxxxx15IMG_8563 - Copie

Christmas Day/Le jour de Noël  

16IMG_0589 - CopieYellow Patch, close to North Point

17IMG_0592 - CopieGlasshouse Mountains on the horizon

18IMG_0598Sebastian and Bruce, our old (and brave) Landrover

19IMG_8568 - Copiepicnic on the east coast, very hot

20IMG_8569 - Copiepique-nique improvisé, il fait bon chaud



528561_10151310804899346_1797739168_n[1]Reading on the terrass of our bungalow

Another Sunset

???????????????????????????????Un autre coucher de soleil

22IMG_8577mother and son / mère et fils



25IMG_8585 - Copie (2)Wanda, Gaby and Sebastian

Wanda’s I-phone photo file

249843_10151302676144346_1802027299_n[2]sunset on beach

528495_10151300305754346_441464538_n[2]Paul testing his new snorkling outfit at the Chrismas table

550509_10151300807784346_187834652_n[1]on the beach

603200_10151304465744346_1356027355_n[2]Storm on the way back home, from the ferry

Sebastians Files – The Bunker on the Beach







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