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From Perth to Cranbrook and back (West Australia)

July 16, 2012


Five day trip to West Australia  to visit my cousins Richy and Christian and their family. A long journey: 4 hours flight from Brisbane to Perth (some 4000km) and another 4 hours drive from Perth down to Cranbrook (300km in the deep South West Australia) where Christian lives.  Time zone difference between Brisbane and Perth: 2 hours


Voyage de 5 jours en Australie de l’Ouest pour rendre visite à mes cousins Richard et Christian qui vivent la-bas avec leur famille. C’est un long voyage: 4 heures d’avion de Brisbane à Perth (environ 4000km) et 4 heures de voiture de Perth à Cranbrook (300km dans le sud-ouest profond de l’Australie) ou habite Christian. Décalage horaire entre Brisbane et Perth : 2 heures


Downtown Perth, CBD

Richard and his son Matthew 


Square corner Francis Street

Corner Francis Street

Restaurant Valentino

Perth, downtown


les jeunes australiens de l’ouest sont perdants, lorsque les mines engagent des travailleurs d’outre-mer”

Protesting against contracting workers directly from abroad for the mining sector (many from the US – former Irak soldiers)

Protestation contre l’embauche de travailleurs d’outre mer pour travailler dans les mines (en majorité des Etats-Unis – entre autres des vétérans de la guerre en Irak)

Albany Highway

On the way to Cranbrook, typical landscape 

Hay for sale, along the road

Tunney, 7km before Christian’s farm – Old Roadhouse (closed)

Foxes, rabbits and cats were brought into the country by the settlers. When wild, they are a pest destroying native animals  

La Bonne Vie

Entrance gate to Christian and Pamela’s property

Christian and Pamela

the two cousins / les deux cousins

The 18 hectars property  is a sanctuary for kangaroos

there currently are some 200 kangaroos running around

the pond with the island, with the farmhouse in the background

the dam/water reservoir – full of shrimps in there

The dam allows collect rainwater. This is important (and necessay) since the ground water is salty and shallow, following widespread deforestation carried out by the early settlers.

Le reservoir permet la collect des eaux de pluie. Ceci est important (et vital) vu que la nappe phréatique est salée et élevée, suite à une déforestation frénétique poursuivie par les premiers pionniers, dans le but de créer des paturages pour l’élevage des moutons.

With Richy’s Driza-Bone coat (riding coat – oil skin) 

the creek

yes, we had some rain that day

access road, the farm is some 1km down the track

destroyed during a heavy storm, a couple of weeks ago – one of the heaviest storms since many years in West Australia

Bimbo the “shy” sheep, difficult to photograph 

There a only 20 sheep remaining on the property (there used to be many more) . Bimbo is a special case. She never goes with the others. She is always alone and follows Christian and Pamela when thy are around. Seems as if she is in love with them. Christian feeds her every morning. She doesn’t know me, so she was always running away from me.

kangaroo skeleton – natural death 

dead trees, on the neighbour’s property

on the terrass, bimbo watching in the back

Tableau d’Abeché (Tchad). Toute une histoire la derrière, trop long à raconter ici…

les écrevisses du réservoir, absolument délicieuses / delicious crayfish, from the dam

Yes, my “little” cousin turned 60. Hard to believe but true. Does not make us feel younger….  / eh oui, mon petit cousin a fêté ses 60 ans. Incroyable mais vrai. Tout cela ne nous rajeunit pas…

romantic  sunset in the backyard


downtown Cranbrook, the main street, post office in the back and hotel (pub) far away, at the end of the street

station, closed since several years. Only goods trains still pass through

war memorial

in the pub,not very buzy (probably too early in the afternoon)

closed, for sale

the little (old) supermarket

the new supermarket

Cranbrook only counts 300 inhabitants. It used to be a blooming city but things have slowed down since the new highway avoiding the city was built. The new supermarket was built recently and seems oversized for such a small population. Both the little (old) supermarket and the pub are scared this will kill them.

Fremantle (Perth)

Eric Street

Fremantle is Perth’s harbour. Only a couple of kilometers from the hart the city

Fremantle est le port de Perth, situé à quelques kilomètres du centre-ville

Fremantle, Polish cathedrale


the beach, Rotney Island on the horizon

Fremantle, the harbour in the background


More Family

Perth – Ximena’s house, adjacent to Richy’s house – friends and neighbours

Angélique (friend of family) and Sienna (Matthew’s daughter)

lovely little Sienna


proud grandparents

Matthew and daughter Sienna

Byron Bay revisited

July 16, 2012

30/06 /2012

A one day trip to Byron Bay together with colleague Tai Mak. Good opportunity to get out of the city and change our mind after a week of work. We were very lucky with the weather, really not bad for a so-called winter day (end June in Australia equates to end December in Europe).

Courte excursion sur Byron Bay avec mon collègue Tai Mak qui n’avait jamais été la-bas. Bonne occasion pour échapper à la ville, histoire de se changer les idées après une semaine de travail. Le temps était avec nous. On ne se serait jamais cru en hiver ( fin juin en Australie c’est comme fin décembre en Europe). Il faut dire que c’est souvent comme cela dans ce climat subtropical.

Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast) – a short coffee stop, half way to our destination. Broadbeach tower buildings in the background 

Byron Bay, lighthouse in the background, on the hill

We saw whales from the lighthouse, jumping like hell but too far away to photograh.

Nous avons vu des baleines au loin, sautant comme des folles, mais trop éloignées pour la photo. juste pour le plaisir des yeux.

Tai in front of ecolo-art work 

last stop before going back home /dernière pause avant le retour

01/07 /2012


Oxford Street, Bulimba (Brisbane)