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Moreton Island

May 15, 2012


Moreton Island, a tropical paradise, just outside Brisbane.

City life rapidly fades from memory when you’re cruising on the ferry from Brisbane out to this sand island north of Stradbroke. After an hour or so, you enter a different world, away from all daily concerns.

Cowan Cowan Point. Main land on the horizon, with a lot of smoke raising in the Glass House Mountains areas. Probably a bush fire (not mentioned in the news, means there were no victims).  Moreton Bay in between.

It’s comforting to know Moreton Island’s miles of sandy beaches, prolific birdlife, sparkling lagoons and precious bushes are well protected – more than 90% is designated national park

Michalak in full photographic action

sea star / étoile de mer

baby shark, lying dead on the beach, don’t know what happened to him   bébé requin, mort sur la plage, on ne sait pas ce qui s’est passé

walking passed the Tangalooma wrecks / en passant auprès des épaves

Some 14 dredges and barges have been sunk here between 1964 and 1984 to create a sheltered anchorage for boats. It is a favourite spot for scuba divers and has become the haven of many species of fish.

            Sunset on Moreton Bay /coucher de soleil sur la baie de Moreton

Glass House Mountains on the horizon 

Brisbane on the horizon

full moon / pleine lune

Bulwer, the only shop on the island

Yellow Patch, a large sand blow clearly visible from the mainland 

Braydon Beach and Coral Sea,  from Cape Moreton / Mer de Corail

Little Sand Hills (Coral Sea, East Coast) /  Mer de Corail, côte est

The Desert

Waiting for the ferry, close to the wrecks

Bruce and Wanda

Ferry and sunset

From the deck

Venus in the sky and Glass House Mountains on the horizon

Port of Brisbane

Wanda’s File

Rocking in Sydney

May 9, 2012


A very short visit to Sydney. Main purpose of the trip was to attend ¨Dig It Up”, a rock reunion organized by the Hoodoo Guru’s, the famous Australian rock band (which I had never heard of). Took profit to take a short walk through the beautiful Paddington district with it’s typical houses. Also payed a short visit to Mees & Marianne, our old Dutch friends who were in the country, visiting family.


Napier Street

Napier Street

Napier Street

Selwyn Street

 Little Selwyn Street

Selwyn Street


A breath of fresh air between two concerts

The Sonics – American rock band from Seattle

The godfathers of this whole damn mess, The Sonics laid down the blueprint for garage-rock back in 1963 with the release of their first single ¨The Witch”… Very basic and straight forward Rock’n Roll, always good

Hoodoo Guru 

The legendary Hoodoo Gurus. By any measure, one of Australia’s greatest, best loved, most enduring rock bands of all time. 2012 marks an amazing milestone for the Hoodoo Gurus; 30 years since the release of the band’s debut single ¨Leilani¨

Other bands which we saw playing included Died Pretty, reunited for this special occasion, with our friend John Huey on keyboad, The Fleshtones, US rock band  from New York (excellent) and Tek & Younger, with our friend Jim on guitar. There were many others which we unfortunately missed, including The’s, Tokyo female garage-trio (invited in Tarantino’s ¨Kill Bill” movie and Soundtrack) 


Monica, Orlando, Mees, Marianne, Lotus, Avalon, Joram

Mees jarig!

60 balais nom de bleu. Ca se fête.