Cockroach Races


Cockroach Races / Courses de cafards

Traditionnaly organized on Australia Day at the Brisbane Story Bridge hotel . This is the 31st edition.

Organisé chaque année depuis maintenant 31 ans au Story Bridge Hotel à Brisbane, le jour de la fête nationale (Australia Day).

40 cockroaches participate to each race. The first one who gets out of the circle is the winner. There are in total  14 races. Each cockroach has got a supporter

40 cafards participent à la course. Le premier qui sort du cercle est le vainqeur. Il y a au total 14 courses. Chaque cafard a un supporter

bagpipes before the race / cornemuse avant la course

the start / le départ

no 2 and 10

Believe it or not, Wanda’s cockroach was third /  incroyable mais vrais, le cafard de Wanda a terminé en 3ème position

the 3 winners of the first race / les 3 gagnants de la premiere course 


Fanda & Koalina

Paul and Tai Mak

John (Kearney) and Wanda

John also won a 3rd place,  in the fith race / John a également atteint une 3ème place, dans la cinquième course

Wanda, John, Linda, Tai, Karolyna + others who spontaneously joined us for the photo

Fanda & Koalina

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