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PNG Independance Day

September 20, 2011


16 September

In PNG it is a tradition for the people to dress up and to decorate the work space at the occasion of Independance Day. It is today 36 years since the country declared itself independant from Australia. 

En Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée il est de tradition que les gens se costument et décorent l’endroit de travail à l’occasion de la Fête de l’Indépendance. Cette année cela fait 36 ans que le pays a déclaré son indépendance vis-à-vis de l’Australie.  

whos is misplaced on this photo? / cherchez l’intrus

Outback Jumps – Flinder Ranges, Lake Eyre and the Desert

September 19, 2011


Outback Jumps

To celebrate my birthday, we offerd ourselves  a two day plane trip to the Outback, including a glimps of the Flinder Ranges, Lake Eyre and part of the desert. A “luxury” tour for a selected group of nine people. 

A l’occasion de mon anniversaire, nous nous offrons un tour en avions de deux jours dans le Outback (l’arrière pays) avec survol du Lac Eyre et une partie du désert. Voyage de luxe avec groupe restreint de neuf personnes.     


Day One (Premier Jour)

Wanda in the cockpit

Parachilna (South Australia)

parking and letter box (for airstrip fee payment) / parking et boîte aux lettres (pour le paiement de la taxe d’atterrissage) 


Flinder Ranges

We leave the plane and go and visit the Flinder ranges by bus / nous délaissons l’avion et allons en bus visiter les Flinders Ranges (chaîne de montagnes)

Euro (kangaroo) in the bush


 Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, hiding in the grass

Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby – photo courtesy Jane, Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Wanda and Ross (guide, driver and owner of the Prairie Hotel)


Prairie Hotel

The hip Outback hotel…where the desert meets the Flinder Ranges / le pub hip…ou le désert rencontre la Chaîne des Flinders

full moon / pleine lune

Luke (our pilote/notre pilote), Ross, Jane and Wanda

Luke, our tour guide and Ross  

dinner, on the menu kangaroo steak and emu pâté / souper, au menu steak de kangourou et pâté d’Emu

Excellent repas, mais Wanda n’a malheureusement pas tellement apprécié / excellent meal, but Wanda did not really appreciate


Day Two (deuxième journée)

departure 7:00am / départ à 7 heures du matin – photo Wanda Michalak


Lake Eyre

The lake is about 5 meter under sea level and has a surface equal to the surface of the Netherlands. The lake is usually dry, it only gets water once in the 10 years. Since half a year it is overloaded with water, as a result of the massive floods we have had in Queensland at the beginning of the year. It is expected that all the water will be evaporated by early next year. It is therefore something very special that we are about to see.   

Le niveau du lac est 5 mètres au dessous du niveau de la mer. Sa surface est égale à celle des  Pays-Bas. En temps normal le lac est asséché. Il ne se remplit d’eau que tous les 10ans. Depuis 6 mois il est archi-plein, suite aux inondations massives du début de l’année dans le Queensland. On prévoit que toute l’eau sera évaporée d’ici le début de l’année prochaine. Ce que nous voyons en ce moment est donc assez exceptionnel.

We were hoping to do a landing and have a closure look. Unfortunately it was not possible, so we just flew over the lake. We could not see the flora which apparently developed and the birds which we were told should be present. So all this was kind of a disappointment. Remained the dimension of the waters which really was impressive. It took us more than 20 minutes to fly over the whole length of the lake with our Pilatus. This is a good illustration of the power of the nature.

Nous espérions pouvoir atterrir et voir le lac de plus près. Mais ce n’est malheureusement pas possible.  Nous n’avons par conséquent pas pu voir la flore qui s’est apparemment développéee ainis que les oiseaux. Tout cela fut donc quelque  peu décevant. Reste cette impression d’immensité, de grandeur. Une belle illustration de la force de la nature. Vraiment impressionant.

 photo: Wanda Michalak

photo: Wanda Michalak


The Colours of the Desert / Les couleurs du désert

Simpson Desert

photo: Wanda Michalak

our plane / notre avionphoto Wanda Michalak



Birdsville – from the sky/vue du ciel 

Birdsville – Main street / rue principale

the mule

the mythic hotel / le pub mythique

En Australie hotel signifie bistrot. Pendant longtemps je me demandais pourquoi il y avait autant d’hotels et si peu de bistrots dans ce pays 

la bière du dimanche matin / Sunday morning beer

hat collection / collection de chapeaux

the water hole



Cooper Creek, feeds lake Eyre / La rivière Cooper, se déverse dans le lac Eyre 


Port Augusta – on the way back , going home / le retour


Captain Wanda in 88 days around the world, part two

September 19, 2011
starring Wanda Michalak 
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  Kirsty Pattinson Haha, love the old guys in the back! Completely unaware you are controlling the plane? (13 September at 19:53) 

 Chris Kruizinga Looks very professional! Especially with the “what to do in an emergency”-card within reach. (13 September at 20:20)

Wanda Michalak hiiii…. yes, to both of you (13 September at 21:17)

 Susan Medeiros ‎@ Chris…not to mention the easy access to the fire extinguisher! Maybe you had to be over a certain age to be a passenger seeing that Wanda was at the (14 September at 00:09) 

Chris Kruizinga Yeah, it’s significant that all passengers have their eyes closed. Except the one in the middle; he’s obviously planning his escape… lol (14 September at 00:23)

 Susan Medeiros ‎@Chris Kruizinga: yes, but i noticed that Wanda did not provide her passengers with parachutes…. (14 September at 01:22)

 Susan Medeiros Actually, the man in the middle should have been looking at the emergency instructions on the first seat…oops, he could not reach it….lol (just kidding around) (14 September at 01:24)

 Chris Kruizinga Well, we know that there is no escape with Wanda at the helm. But those poor guys…

…and Susan, we’d better prepare our defenses for when Wanda wakes up. 🙂 (14 September at 02:17)

 Wanda Michalak Oh i see, you two grass snakes having a field day at my expencess:))) Susan Medeiros meet Chris Kruizinga , Chris meet Susan…..or did you already meet?….and wait for taking off again and land again and take off and land….:) (14 September at 06:32)

 Chris Kruizinga It’s just such an inspirational photo. For instance, haven’t even mentioned the reflection in your sunglasses of that Boeing 747. 😉 (14 September at 06:47)

 Susan Medeiros oh, gee, rofl……Hello Chris! Fasten your seat belt because we are in for a bumpy ride, eh Wanda? Judging from the reflection, we are definitely in trouble! Hee hee…..        (14 September at 06:49)

 Wanda Michalak Hahaha……shouldn’t you guys go to bed????  (14 September at 06:51)

 Susan Medeiros Pardon? You watch the controls! (14 September at 07:06)

 Chris Kruizinga Almost. Straight after tonight’s featuring movie “Captain Wanda in 88 days around the world, part two”. (14 September at 07:10)

 Wanda Michalak Hehehe….almost time for the NeXT landing!!!! (14 September at 07:14)

  Chris Kruizinga Any haystacks nearby? (14 September at 07:16)

 Wanda Michalak It’s a DESERT!!!….D (14 September at 07:18)

 Chris Kruizinga Yes, the perfect place to dry your hay! :)) (14 September at 07:20)

  Susan Medeiros well, that is if you have been able to follow the little arrow on the dashboard..  (14 September at 07:21)

  Susan Medeiros oh, stop it, Chris…you are killing me!  (14 September at 07:21)

  Chris Kruizinga Don’t! Think of those innocent, feeble men. They still have plans for their future: getting kids, going to Disneyland and asking a refund for this trip… (14 September at 07:24)

  Wanda Michalak yeah Chris! stop it!!! you are killing me too and I didn’t have a breakfast yet!  (14 September at 07:24)

  Wanda Michalak Chris is on the GO:D  (14 September at 07:25)

  Susan Medeiros LOL LOL Like I said, at least they have had a full life already! Only   kidding….they are having the time of their life, good thing too  (14 September at 07:25)

  Susan Medeiros You never mind, Wanda…I am sure that you did a wonderful job landing the plane….still have all your teeth?  (14 September at 07:26)

  Wanda Michalak LOL…I need cup’o tea!!!!   (14 September at 07:28)

  Susan Medeiros and btw, Disneyland can not possibly match up to the ride in that plane. Space Mountain eat your heart out!!!  (14 September at 07:28)

  Wanda Michalak heeeeeee weeee.will you stop that??? NOW!  (14 September at 07:29) 

  Susan Medeiros go ahead, drink your tea…you deserve it after that harrowing experience….lol….no, really, i think that there is a future in piloting senior citizens around…..not too much insurance premiums  (14 September at 07:29)

  Chris Kruizinga Wanda, you can always get back at us by getting your flying-license! (14 September at 07:29)

  Susan Medeiros ‎@Chris Kruizinga: LOL LOL  (14 September at 07:30)

 Susan Medeiros just make sure they remove their dentures before landing….  (14 September at 07:30)

  Wanda Michalak I am going to get flying doctors license and THEN I’ll GET you:)  (14 September at 07:30)

 Susan Medeiros ok, enough….just messing around…   (14 September at 07:31)

  Susan Medeiros uh-oh…..i am going into hiding  (14 September at 07:31)

  Susan Medeiros good nite, i am leaving you now…have a great day, Wanda, and Chris, have a good nite’s sleep   (14 September at 07:32)

  Wanda Michalak enough! I am sitting in a cold room laughing at the computer, how sad is that:-) and I got the    mother of cold so please, please stop it , I need a hot drink…LOL (14 September at 07:32)

  Susan Medeiros i am also laughing at a computer…yes, it is sad…. (14 September at 07:33)

  Susan Medeiros kiss kiss   (14 September at 07:33)

 Wanda Michalak hah ah haaaa…Chris, go to bed! Fallow Susan…ep…you know what I mean:)                                   (14 September at 07:34)

  Wanda Michalak kiss kiss hon  (14 September at 07:34)

  Chris Kruizinga Kussies and beterschap (Kisses and better-ship… eh get well soon)  (14 September at 07:34)

  Susan Medeiros yes, get better…talk to you soon…   (14 September at 07:35)

  Wanda Michalak nite nite guys   (14 September at 07:35)

  Chris Kruizinga And you go to bed, too, Wanda; all day long! Enjoyed this !!! 🙂 (14 September at 07:35)

  Kinga Kubalok Kochana a co ja mam wspolnego z tym zdjeciem??? Nie kapuje. Ty chyba sie za mna stesknilas :)))))(14 September at 20:27)

  Wanda Michalak Zatagowalam cie zebysogla te texty poczytac sa strasznie smieszne:)  (15 September at 02:32)

  Kinga Kubalok Gdzie ladowaliscie na highway???? :)))))))))) kapitalne   (15 September at 03:14)

  Paul Schaublin Have we finally landed? Koniecz?  (Saturday at 12:58)

  Wanda Michalak Not yet!   (Saturday at 14:11)


Brisbane Festival

September 4, 2011



The Brisbane Festival lasts the whole month of September. It traditionnaly opens with fireworks along the Brisbane River 

Le Festival de Brisbane a lieu durant le mois de septembre. Il est traditionnellement inauguré avec des feux d’artifice sur les bords  de la rivière Brisbane

view from Kangaroo Point

Basia, Chris and Gabriel

Story Bridge

Really spectacular. The fireworks go on for half an hour,  all along the Brisbane river,  from Storey Bridge to Southbank  

Vraiment spectaculaire. Les feux d’artifice durent une demi heure. Ils s’étendent le long de la rivière Brisbane sur une distance d’environ 2 kilomètres

 As good as the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks, if not better / Aussi bien sinon mieux que les feux de nouvel-an à Sydney (mais ceci étant dit, les feux du 1er aout à Martigny en Suisse restent probablement nos favoris) 

the final at Storey Bridge

Gabriel, Paul and Basia – on the terrass of the Brisbane Jazz Club

behind us the CBD, on the other side of the river 

The building with the AAMI sign is where I have my office / mon bureau est au 17ème étage du bâtiment avec le sigle AAMI

Emma Hamilton in concert at the Brisbane Jazz Club

Emma is from Australian father and French mother. She sings in both languages.

It appeared to be a surprisingly good concert with a nice atmosphere. Very refreshing. Check on this singer.  

Riverbank café in the late evening 

In the CityCat (ferry) on the way back home