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Winter in Brisbane – August 2011

August 19, 2011

Brisbane en hiver – Août 2011

Birkalla Street, sunrise / lever du soleil

Bulimba ferry, 6:15AM – full moon /à l’aube, pleine lune

White duck and his friends the wild ducks / le canard blanc et ses amis les canards sauvages 

Birkalla Street 54, Bulimba – our house, Sunday 8am / notre maison, dimanche 8 heures du matin

Sunday 8am. Just came back from Europe. Slightly jetlegged. Could not find my keys. Spent an hour waiting outside until our friend Ray came and let me in, using spear keys I had left with him. Poor guy had to drive all the way from Gold Coast where he was spending the week end. This was worth a reward.   

Dimanche 8 heures du matin. De retour d’Europe. Bien fatigué du voyage. Ne trouve pas mes clés. J’attends dehors pendant une heure, jusqu’a ce que notre ami Ray arrive avec un double des clés que je lui avais confié. Le pauvre a fait tout le trajet depuis Gold Coast ou il passait le week end.  Cela méritait récompense.


Birkalla Street – Real Estate Activities / Activités Immobilières

house under construction just next to us / maison en construction à côté de chez nous

old house demolished, to make place for new one / veille maison démolie pour faire place à une nouvelle

A beautiful old garden tree disappeared during the operation. Many birds and possibly some possums had to find a new home  / Un vieil arbre a disparu du jardin durant l’opération. Bien des oiseaux et probablement quelques possums ont du chercher un nouvel abris. 

maison à vendre / house for sale


10 August, another house, this one preparing to go / 10 aout, préparatifs pour le départ d’une autre maison

August 11, the carrier arrived / 11 août, le transporteur est arrivé

12 August, the house is gone / 12 août, la maison a disparu

Le transport a eu lieu au milieu de la nuit, trop sombre pour photographier / the move occured in the middle of the night, too dark to shoot photo

The Real Estate business seems to be healthy in the Birkalla Street, no sign of a crisis / L’immobilier a l’air de se porter bien à la Birkalla Street, pas de signe de crise 


View of Brisbane from Southbank


Patricia’s birthday party

 Anthony and Patricia

Patricia is Wanda’s Spanish teacher / Patricia est la prof d’espagnole de Wanda

paëlla magistrale


Rock’n Roll George

Exhibition in the Queensland Museum South Bank

For many decades, George Kiprios, aka Rock ‘N’ Roll George, drove his beloved Holden 48-215 around the streets of Brisbane.

George represented something timeless: regular as clockwork he cruised the city, radio blaring and wearing his trademark purple stovepipe trousers. As he and the car aged, george became a local legend, a classic ‘character’ who was a constant in acity undergoing rapid and irreversible change. To fill the gaps in the mystery about just who this old rock ‘n roller really was, stories emerged around George. Fact and fiction became part of the mystique.

One theory is that on a night  just after he acquired the Holden he spotted a carvaceous angel by the road side, smiling. He spun around the block, casually cruising back. But she had gone. The street was tragically bare – and Rock’N’Roll has been rolling by ever since – Frank Robson and David May, Dare to be Different, 1982


Bulimba Festival

The festival had not be held the past years and has now been reinstated. It takes place on Oxford street. It is not really a festival but rather an animated market. It appeared to be a good success. I was there in the morning, when everything was starting up. hereunder a few photos, just to give an impression. 

yes, there was some Dutch representation: poffertjes!

Kevin Rudd’s stand, we are in his district / le stand de Kevin Rudd, ancien premier ministre, actuel ministre des affaires étrangères, nous sommes dans sa circoncription

Anthony and his associate, the churros champions

Greece and Germany neighbouring, a hope for the future of the European Community

Mercedes Benz was also represented. Bulimba seems to be a wealthy district

setting the table for lunch / on met la table pour le déjeuner (dîner pour la Suisse)

And there was music, excellent band, they opened the show at 10am / et il y avait de la musique, très bon groupe, ils ont ouvert le spectacle a 10 heures du matin

the park


Sunset, City view from High Gate Hill / coucher de soleil


In the meantime in Amsterdam

In the meantime, Wanda celebrated her birthday in Amsterdam / entretemps Wanda fêtait son anniversaire à Amsterdam



Kinga and Ferran (los Sopranos)

Wanda and Patricia (Ribas)