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Cracow and Fraser Island

December 29, 2010

Cracow – Surprise Trip

We departed from Brisbane Wednesday morning December 22. The destination was meant to be a surprise for both Baba and Sebastian. All what they knew was that we would finally end up a couple of days later at Fraser Island where we would spend Christmas.

We drove to the north and took the Burnett Highway in direction of Nanango and Gayndah. We had rented a 4 wheel drive for the trip.

Goomeri, between Nanango and Gayndah


Ban Ban Spring, 30 km before Gayndah. It was raining.



Cracow was the destination of our surprise trip. We arrived there around 7pm, after an 8 hour drive over some 700km. It was raining during the most part of the journey. The last part of the road was unsealed.  

The ghost city

In the old times Cracow was a gold mine city. It was deserted in the 70’s when the mines closed. The population shrunk from 3000 to maybe 20. It revived partialy in the early 2000’s when one of the mines was reopened. It however still looks like a ghost city, with the exception of the pub which is very much alive.

Hotel Cracow

In Australia an hotel is in fact a pub. However, this pub also has rooms and that’s where we spent the night.



baobab tree

The road was cut 15km after Cracow. The creek had swallen and there was more than 1 meter of water over the road. There was no way through. We could only go back to Cracow and wait until the situation would improve. There was a possibility we would have to spend a second night in the pub. This was no pleasant perspective  

Back in the pub and breakfast in the empty dining room. Nothing to eat. Good thing we had our own food.

There was absolutely no one around. Spooky like hell. The staff showed up later, around 10am and the pub went open. By noon the situation at the creek improved. We were informed  the water level was down to 60cm and that we could cross the water within an hour.

Theodore, 50km after Cracow

We just could make it through Theodore. A section of the main road was only accessible for 4 wheel drives. Five days later we heard the city of Theodore was totally flooded and had to be evacuated. We were really lucky we could make it through.

Banana the bullock


Fraser Island

Lake MacKenzie

BBQ #4

December 29, 2010

Barbecue with some friends at our place at the occasion of Baba’s upcoming departure. 

Grillade à la maison avec quelques amis, à l’occasion du proche départ de Baba.     

Basia and Baba

A great loaf of real bread offered by Basia and Chris. We really appreciated since it is very difficult to find good bread (at our taste) in Brisbane (we miss our Swiss or Polish bread).

Un beau pain offert par nos amis. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié car il est très difficile de trouver du pain à notre goût à Brisbane (le pain du Trétien nous manque)

Renata and Marek – Marek volunteerd to take care of the “barbie”. No worries, the offer was very much welcome

Yes, we also had oisters. And no, we did not put them on the grill


December 29, 2010

Visit of the Bundaberg area, 400km north of Brisbane on the South Pacific coast, together with Baba and Sebastian

Visite de la région la région de Bundaberg , 400k au nord de Brisbane sur la côte Pacifique Sud, avec Baba et Sebastian


Burnett Heads, Sebastian and Baba 

Bullyard, (Maybe) meteorits field


Bullyard – exhibition with antic mowers and other curiosa 

Exposition d’anciennes tondeuses à gazon et autres antiquités

Atco Reel Mower, 1940’s, mfg UK

Ransomes Cylinder Gang Mower – for mowing golf courses – mfg UK

Lightning Cement Mixer, 1950’s, Model MV40

very hot / canicule


Wanda and Baba



Turtle Watch

relocating turtle egg to a safer place





BBQ at Renata’s

December 29, 2010

 A Sunday afternoon bbq at Renata’s place, together with family and friends of her’s 

Une grillade chez Renata avec sa famille et ses amis

Road Trains

December 29, 2010

Road Trains – Trains Routiers 

Have a look at this. It is really impressive and I do not believe there is any photoshop in here. Click on the link hereunder to access the slide show  

Jetez un coup d’oeil, c’est vraiment impressionant et je ne crois pas que ce soit du photoshop. Cliquez sur le lieu ci-dessous pour acceder au diaporama


Western Party

December 20, 2010

End of year party / Fête de fin d’année (11-12-2010)

End of year party at my work. We celebrate early, before everyone goes on holiday. It is summer in Australia and the holiday is a big one. Not much happens here between 15 December and 15 January.

Fête de fin d’année à mon travail. On célèbre tôt ici, avant que tout le monde ne parte en vacances. C’est l’été en Australie et c’est le début des grandes vacances. La période du 15 décembre au 15 janvier est très tranquile (comme juillet/août en Europe)

Wet Week End / Week End Humide

December 8, 2010

We have been having a lot of rain the past weeks. Parts of Queensland and New South Wales were flooded. Magda, a friend of Wanda from Amsterdam spent a week at our place. We took her out the week end and managed to show her around despite the unfavorable weather conditions. We actually had a very good time and I believe she appreciated.   

Il a beaucoup plu ces dernières semaines. A un point que certaines régions à l’intérieur du pays sont inondées. Magda, une amie de Wanda nous a rendu visite pour quelques jours. Nous lui avons montré les environs , malgré les mauvaises conditions méteéorologiques. En fin de compte tout s’est bien passé et je pense qu’elle a bien apprécié.  


Rainforest in the rain / forêt tropicale sous la pluie 

Magda and Wanda

Mount Tamborine in the mist / Mont Tamborine dans le brouillard 

feeding the kukabarra

Loan Pine between two showers / Loan Pine entre deux averses

photo Wanda michalak

BBQ #3

December 8, 2010

Gaby, a friend from Amsterdam, passed by together with three other friends. They were on their way from Harvey Bay (north of Brisbane) to Byron Bay (south of Brisbane). We put them up for the night.  Gaby took care of the BBQ and did a great job of it.

Andrzej Dragan from London joined us as well. He was in Brisbane for a week, attending a (quantum) physiciens congres. He came together with his Mexican boss. 

Gaby (right) and her scottish friend

Andrzej Dragan

Besides physics, Andrzej is also photographer. He had an exhibition in our gallery in Amsterdam a couple of years ago which turned out to be very sucessful. He claims photography is only a hobby for him, but his works are pretty amazing.

Andrzej Dragan – Marta (2006)