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Gold Coast

February 13, 2010

I visited my friends Hanny and Christine from La Turbie (France) who are  spending a month in Gold Coast, escaping the European winter. Gold Cost is located South of Brisbane, on the Pacific. It takes a one hour drive from Brisbane to get there.  

arriving from Brisbane. Impressive sky line ahead

 intersting architecture

Gold Coast is a very popular holiday resort. Most of the high rise constructions were built the last 15-20 years. The two in front are still under construction.

Hanny and Christine, on their balcony (21st floor)

me and Hanny

view to the West

view to the East

going to the beach

Dangerous beach, very strong currents,including flash waves. Bathing in authorized (watched) areas only.

Lovely long beach, with very thin, smooth white sand. Had a long walk on the Saturday morning. Nice sea breeze, taking the heat away.

view from my room

same, at night


February 6, 2010

Short visit to Melbourne on February 1, to attend a meeting for my work. This was my first time in Melbourne

Courte visite a Melbourne, le 1er février, pour assister à une réunion de travail. C’était la première fois que je me rendais à Melbourne.

J’étais de bonne humeur, Federer venait juste de  gagner le soir même son 4ème Open à Melbourne (son 16ème Grand Chelem).



Central station

almost full moon

What I saw of the city was beautiful. But I must admit I did not see much, only the downtown area, around the hotel where I spent the night. I will have to come back


February 6, 2010

Went to Adelaide Saturday January 30, to meet canadian cousin Andrew and his wife Sheila  who were visiting their daughter Nicola who recently migrated to Australia and just got married with Silas. We had not seen each other for at least 20 years. It was absolutely great to see them all again.

Andrew, Silas’ mother, Silas, Nicola, Sheila

same plus me

Silas and Nicola, happy young just married couple. I understand the wedding went well and ended up in a great party. I am sorry to have missed that.

Andrew and I, the two cousins – we had a lot to discuss that evening. Actually we were short of time. That’s why we decided we should meet again within two years time and should try and have other cousins/brothers  join.


Adelaide is smaller than Brisbane. I believe it has got some 1 million inhabitants (which is significant from a swiss perspective – think that Geneva only has 350,000 inhabitants). The city seems very laid back. No one is in a hurry. Brisbane is a bit the same, but Adelaide is more laid back. I saw a few old hippies walking on the street. The climat here is dryer than in Brisbane. The day I was there was hot and dry. I think it was about 33-34 degrees.

Brisbane is the start place for the famous Ghan train which crosses the country. It is also in a way the gate to Ayers rock. It gives you the feeling you are at the edge of the desert.